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  3. H

    UVA v. UNC Chapel Hill for Pre Med

    Hello, I’m a high school senior and was fortunate enough to receive full ride scholarships to both UVA and UNC Chapel Hill. I like them equally but hope to go premed with the goal of becoming a surgeon. Which school do you recommend for pre med and why? TIA
  4. T

    School Prestige vs. Peer Advantage vs. Student Support - What Undergrad School Equates to Success?

    Hey everyone, I’m facing a big transfer decision and am looking for some help in working through it in my mind. I am at community college now, have a 4.0 GPA and have applied to transfer to Stanford, CAL, UCLA (via Honors TAP), UC Santa Barbara, UC Davis (via TAG), UC Santa Cruz & Santa Clara...
  5. ManicMonday

    Does Undergrad school choice matter

    Does which university you go to matter for getting into dental school? Or is it irrelevant and grades more important for an applicant? I know schools usually only accept a certain amount of CC credits, so I'm planning to go straight to a university to avoid headache and complications when...
  6. C

    3.0 gpa freshmen year, am I screwed?

    Hi all, I’m a rising sophomore at an Ivy League college and freshmen year I got my ass handed to me on a platter. My high school definitely did not prepare me for the rigor of college nor the imposter syndrome I would feel. I ended my first semester with a 3.02 B- in chem 1, C+ in calc, A - in...
  7. T

    Personal Statement Advice for a Student who struggled in Undergrad?

    Can anyone give some advice on how they got through their personal statement? This is the most stressful part of this application for me at the moment because it's so hard for me to talk about myself without accentuating my flaws academically. My main issue is because during undergrad I...
  8. M

    Advice On Opening A Non-Profit Foundation

    Hi, Come Fall 2020 I will be a sophomore on a pre-med pathway. I've been spending this quarantine to volunteer as much as I can but also to plan something I've been wanting to do for a while. I want to open a non-profit foundation to help cancer patients, specifically children. However, I don't...
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  10. Harrison11011

    Current Biology major (freshman year) pre-Optometry student in need of advice

    Hello everyone! I am new to the community as this is my very first post. I am in my second semester of my undergrad degree in Biology Concentration (pre-optometry), My first semester of college was a train wreck. I had obtained a job as an optometric technician at a local practice, whilst...
  11. andtheam

    What Undergrad School before Dental School?

    I just spent my freshman year at a good state school. However, I now got into UNC Chapel Hill to transfer for the rest of my undergraduate career if I wanted to. If I stayed at my original school, I would definitely get a higher GPA than at UNC. I would still get all my shadowing in during the...
  12. V

    Help a confused student

    Hello all! I just got my college acceptances back for my undergraduate schools! Right now, I'm stuck between two different universities and was wondering if any of you guys could help me with that. I know that the UCs aren't typically good pre-med programs, but I was wondering which of these...
  13. B

    Is Taking Courses in the Summer of 2020 advantageous due to the COVID-19 Pandemic?

    Hello everyone! I am planning to take algebra-based physics 1 (Mechanics) and calculus-based physics 2 (Electricity and Magnetism) concurrently this semester. Due to the occurring pandemic, I'm starting to see more and more institutions declaring Summer 2020 courses to be held online. I...
  14. L

    GPA Questions

    Hi everyone! I am currently a sophomore in undergrad and will not be applying to vet school until the fall of 2021, but I am looking for a bit of advice. I am feeling a little bit discouraged about my GPA right now, after last semester (first semester of sophomore year) I had a cumulative 3.71...
  15. A

    Is it bad to be a Bio major?

    Hello! I'm currently a freshman at a liberal arts college and I plan on going to medical school! Right now I'm majoring in English and completing the pre-med requirements on the side, but I've realized recently that I don't love English as much as I thought I did. One of the many reasons I...
  16. F

    Seeking advice on research

    Hello all, I'll preface this by saying that I can't identify any reason why the physician-scientist route isn't a good fit for me. I'd like to seek the advice of the wise among you as I begin to make tougher decisions on the direction I take my research. So far I have loved being a generalist...
  17. BradyJV

    Considering an online, one-year masters in nutrition during my gap year

    Hello, everyone. Long story short - My grades, LOR's, extracurriculars, etc should be decently competitive for medical school and wouldn't use this masters in a way to try to "boost" my application. I decided to pursue medicine after dietary and lifestyle changes that helped me tremendously. I'm...
  18. P

    Best Undergrad schools for Pre-PT/Physiology

    So I’m an upcoming Freshman at the University of Akron. I plan to transfer to the Integrative Physiology program at CU-Boulder for my second year. I was hoping to get some ideas for back up schools. I am either going into PT, OT, or PA depending on the job market at the end of my undergrad. In...
  19. M

    Specialties for a single dad?

    I’m an undergrad right now on the pre med track. I really want to pursue a specialty that would allow me to raise children on my own while still earning enough to support them. I’d really like to have kids through adoption/surrogacy in my early thirties, so soon after I finish residency...
  20. S

    Rutgers Research Assistant Program

    Hey, this is my first post on SDN, so I apologize if I am breaking any sort of rule by posting this here. I have a couple questions about the Rutgers Research Assistant Program, so if anybody has done this before, or knows about it, I would be grateful if you could answer a few questions. 1...
  21. U

    UCLA vs UC Berkeley vs UC Merced

    Hi everybody, I'm a transfer student from a Community College, and I was accepted to all of the UCs. I am having an incredibly hard time choosing between them, so I was hoping that I could get some advice. I didn't apply to private colleges, because I can't afford them. My favorite campus was...
  22. L

    Advice for a freshman in undergrad?

    Hi everyone! I’m finishing up the second semester of my freshman year of undergraduate as a pre-veterinary major and it seems like it has flown by! Although I have gotten good grades and gotten involved in many extracurriculars this year, I am often left wondering if I am doing enough to stand...
  23. D

    Feeling Lost & Unmotivated

  24. F

    Vet students and graduates, what was your undergraduate degree?

    I am considering completing a bachelors of science in health science, however I am not sure if this degree would be beneficial for me. What are your thoughts and what degree did you achieve? Thank you!
  25. M

    What undergrad school should I go to?

    Hi everyone, I'm almost finishing up my AA in community college and it's almost time for me to go to a 4 year university. I am having troubles deciding on which university to go to, either UF or Nova. I know the tuition is a big factor in the differences between the two, but i'm going to need...
  26. PsychPop

    Plans for Medical school, could this work?

    Hello guys! So currently an undergraduate majoring in psychology set to graduate in spring of 2020. my GPA should end up in the 2.9-3.1 range when that happens. I have been juggling the idea of therapy and getting my masters in marriage and family (MFT) BUT, my mind has been thinking more and...
  27. H

    Penn vs. Brown for Undergrad

    Hi all, I'm thankful for getting accepted to both of these schools a few days ago. I am intent on becoming a physician, and I'm having trouble deciding between these schools. Penn seems to have better opportunities for the standard Pre-med ECs, like clinical volunteering, research, etc. While...
  28. N

    Let’s talk about money! Scholarships undergraduate transfer help?

    Disclaimer:) If this is not the right forum please tell me where to post/English is not my first language and I am on my phone so don’t kill me over formatting/grammar. I am hopefully transferring out of my Californian community college (applied to UC’s tagged UCSB so that seems a sure yes)...
  29. D

    Undergrad Work, does it matter anymore?

    I’m starting school in the fall and was just wondering if along the way through med school, residency, fellowship, etc. if you’re ever required to submit an undergrad transcript again or if any extracurriculars that you may have done in undergrad are ever brought up again. Thanks!
  30. G

    Is this how undergraduate research is supposed to be?

    Hi, All I literally do is follow protocols (pour plates, run experiments, keep a lab notebook, etc.); is this the way it's supposed to be? I thought undergraduate research meant developing a hypothesis to test using prior knowledge and then executing (developing experiments, performing...
  31. M

    Undergrad College and Med School Admissions

    Hey, I realize that this topic has already been beaten to death, but I just want to ask some questions specific to my situation. Please excuse my wordiness and grammar in advance. I’m a current high school junior and am exploring college options. I come from a fairly well to do family (I am not...
  32. KiddCo

    Could research from an undergrad senior research project be considered research for applications?

    In building my list of EC's, hobbies, and experiences for my application, I've been concerned about my lack of research. As I was going over transcripts, it hit me that for both of my majors in undergrad, we had to complete a senior research project. I'm curious if I could count these projects...
  33. PsychPop

    MA/MS MS program advice

    Hello all! So, I am an undergrad working towards a BS in psychology; I was originally majoring in Marketing but after talking with my family psychologist whom I've known for years, as well as two therapists who recommended I look into therapy as a career I chose to switch majors and I never...
  34. F

    Late Undergrad Career Change Advice

    Hello! I've never posted here before although I've read through a few threads and found some interesting advice in the past. I'm currently a senior Bioengineering undergrad at UCSD who recently decided to go pre-med. To give a little background, I finished my A.S. in Biology at a local CC and...
  35. H

    in danger of failing (research credits).. help!

    a little background info.. i am a sophomore at a pretty prestigious undergrad school. i didn't do well at all freshman year, no Cs but only a few As and mostly Bs. this semester and while taking orgo over the summer, i've really turned it around and gotten only As and A-s, and am looking at a...
  36. growingconcern

    Would you throw in the towel?

    I know this post is long, feel free to skip until the end - any insight is appreciated Intro: The first two years of college have been pretty hard for me. I decided prior to this (third) semester that I wanted to go to medical school, ideally an MD program. I knew I would have to get my GPA up...
  37. SterlingMaloryArcher

    In an undergrad transfer application personal statement would you talk about med school aspirations?

    So I've seen a lot about personal statements for AMCAS, but that's slightly ahead of where I am now. Applying to universities from community college. I guess I don't want my personal statement to look/sound too much like it was written for med school.
  38. U

    Class enrollment question

    My enrollment is tomorrow, and I am a senior biology major. I'm wondering if I should enroll in an upper level biology course, or just an easy A elective to boost my GPA. Would admissions look at the latter and think I'm lazy? Or would they not care either way, and just look at my GPA? Any...
  39. C

    Chance me!

    hmu if you're down to chance me for medschool and ill give you my stats! thanks :D
  40. G

    Deferring undergrad loans for an MD/MPH

    Hi SDNers, So ideally, I'd like to do an MD/MPH program. From what I've heard, these typically take 5 years to complete. Upon graduation, I'll be in ~$50+ worth of debt (85% private, 15% fed). I'd like to defer repayment during med school but given my private lender limits in-school deferment...
  41. M

    Gap Year Pros & Cons

    Hi all, I am trying to plan out all of my couses for the next two years of undergrad and am debating whether or not I should take a gap year. If I do not take a gap year, I will have to take a few summer courses and prep for the MCAT during the semester so that I will be able to take it on time...