1. A

    I got a B in my biology class....and am wanting to transfer for fall next year. Should I take a Chemistry 1 class or Biology 2 class for my next sem.?

    I'm going to a community college for 2 semesters, and then I plan on transferring to a 4-year university. I'm majoring in Biology. I've been out of HS for a few years so I completely forgot/underestimated how much time is needed for school work, but I learned now. I took 3 classes in my 1st...
  2. D

    PGY1 family med positions after the match?

    Hi, I am switching from OB/gyn to family medicine while in the middle of my second year. I have been looking for PGY2 positions, but I would be just as willing to go in as a PGY1. I’m assuming some PGY1 positions went unfilled and others may open as people can’t be hired. I’ve been looking on...
  3. I

    What are my chances into getting into med school?

    Hello, I was wondering if I should transfer schools or stay in the university I’m going to start this next fall. I’ll be entering Kean University for their Pre-Med program and most of the courses offered there aren’t offered in many other schools. I’m trying to get into my dream medical...
  4. T

    Need help with trasferring from rads to rads

    I recently matched into east coast rads program which was low on my list and will be starting that in 2019. I have family ties in midwest and staying in midwest is ideal for me. I would have been fine continuing my rads in east coast but some family matters will require me to stay in midwest...
  5. L

    Falsification of document and PA school

    Hi everyone, I am a bio student graduating in May with my associate's degree. I have intent to get my bachelor's degree and my master's in physician assistant studies. My issue is, two years ago I had asked a student to cover and sign for me for animal care duty at my school. I was in a really...
  6. T

    Is it bad to transfer colleges twice?

    I want to transfer from my current undergraduate school, Rutgers, to a much smaller liberal arts school because I found that I do better academically in smaller classes. The thing is, I've already transferred before (from CUNY Brooklyn College). Would it look bad or suspicious to graduate school...
  7. M

    Questions about transferring

    Hi SDN, I could really use your help right about now. I currently attend a community college, due to various reasons. A prominent reason as to why I am at a CC is due to a job relocation that happened last year. I was going to go to an instate school where I previously lived, but then got...
  8. N

    How to become a doctor in USA? (From Ukraine)

    So here's the thing.. I'm a US citizen studying in a medical university in Ukraine. I have two more years of education left and I graduate. The question is how can I become a surgeon in the US? (specifically - a plastic surgeon) What are my steps supposed to be after i graduate? Do i start...
  9. R

    Transferring schools - how does it look on med apps?

    Hello - just a quick questions for you guys. I just received my financial aid packet from my current college (I am a rising junior) and my tuition has increased almost $8,000. Unfortunately because of this increase, I will not be able to attend my college this fall because I cannot afford it...
  10. D

    Ross transfer - best curriculum match

    I know this has been touched on many times but most of them are older and curriculum has changed etc. I'm currently in first semester at Ross and I was wondering if there were any Ross transfers or others out there who know the best times/places to transfer and avoid having to repeat a lot of...
  11. K

    Transferring from RUSVM

    I'm currently a student at RUSVM and I applied to transfer to several schools in the US. I was wondering if anyone who has ever successfully transferred could give me some insight into when they heard back from the schools they applied to (Especially if you applied to OK State). Also, a lot of...
  12. J

    Advice for Transfering to Pre-Med

    Hello! Question: Would it be feasible to get into med school/is it worth leaving a guaranteed PharmD? Background: I am currently a sophomore at a private university in Ohio majoring in Pharmacy in a 0-6 program. I currently have a 3.31 cGPA and something around a 3.4sGPA. During my time on...
  13. Z

    Transferring Dental Schools

    I am currently a student at Midwestern University School of Dental Medicine Illinois. I have an opportunity to transfer to Tufts University School of Dental Medicine for my third and fourth year. I am in good standing at my school and love the program here. I want to transfer to be closer to...
  14. A

    How do medical schools view transfers?

    I'm currently an Engineering/Pre-Med student at a small state university in my hometown. Part of the reason I choose this school was because of finances (I was offered the most financial aid here) and the engineering program they offer is a pathway, of sorts, to an highly ranked engineering...
  15. P

    How to meet other pre-med students/possible roommate(s) after transferring?

    I am in my first year at a community college and there are no other pre-med students here. Most of the students in my math/science classes and the school are engineering majors. I would really like to meet other students who are also on the pre-med track right now, but I do not know how. When I...
  16. C

    One year of community college?

    Hi SDN! I am going to be applying for medical schools this upcoming June 2017( I am third year undergrad currently). I wanted to know if one year at a regional college for my sophomore year would be considered a bad sign? I did really bad my freshman year of college due to health issues etc and...
  17. Azurus

    Transferring International Medical Schools

    Hey guys, I'm going into my fourth year out of the 5-year medical program in RCSI - Bahrain. It is an Irish medical school that has a campus in the middle-east (Bahrain). I am also a Canadian citizen. I was looking into transferring medical schools anywhere else and I was wondering what my...
  18. csequine

    Does transferring look bad?

    Hey all, I had a life circumstance that caused me to transfer colleges after my first semester of freshman year after a major change. I didn't fully think through the decision to transfer because I was in such a hurry to get out of there, so basically here I am at a ridiculously expensive...
  19. R


  20. Sameffect

    Semester Credit Hour Help For Pre Dent

    Hi I am a student in University of Houston and I just transferred from Houston Community College. I wanted help on my credit hour selection for the upcoming Fall 2016 semester. My credit hours in HCC are as follows: Spring 2015- 15 hours Summer 2015- 13 hours (incl Chem 1 with lab) Fall 2015- 17...
  21. P

    transferring medical school

    Hi, My boyfriend and I just got into different med schools this year. As you can imagine we are both really excited to start this next journey but we also love our relationship and are scared of being apart for 4 years. Both schools are similarly ranked and we have similar credentials. I have...
  22. 1

    Transferring from Top Ten Undergrad to Cheaper Option

    Hello, I am currently a freshman at Duke University in Durham, NC. I am enjoying my time here and have made great friends. However, the cost of attendance is getting ridiculous. I will have to pay over $70,000 next year to attend school here. Also, I am not a fan of the super competitive...
  23. D

    Position Wanted PGY-1 or 2 Ob/Gyn looking to swap or open position

    Looking for anyone interested in swapping PGY-1 (soon to be PGY-2) position. I'm located in the Midwest. Interested in any/all locations. PM for more details.
  24. F

    Course Load in Undergrad

    Hello, I'm a 2nd year college student who just decided to Persue dentistry. I've taken a few science class that fulfill the requirements for dental school . Example: Fall 2014 Physics 2B - B Statistics- A Accounting 1B- A Total units - 13 Spring 2015 Bio 1 - A Intro to chemistry- A Medical...
  25. accepted109

    transfer from carribean to DO (Nova southeastern)

    Hi! I was just wondering if anyone had any insight. Is it possible to transfer from a Caribbean medical school to a DO medical school in the states? I currently attend a Caribbean school (not in the top 5). I won't lie its not the a great school. I've been emailing Nova Southeastern's school to...
  26. L

    Transferring to a "worse" undergrad college

    I am currently a sophomore at Emory University. I have performed OK here so far (3.55 GPA, 3.3 science GPA). Recently, I have felt that my mental health has been decreasing as the stress of being a pre-med student at a competitive pre-med college such as Emory. Currently I am debating whether...
  27. B

    Position Swap Anesthesia Swap/Transfer - NYC

    Hello, I am currently matched into an anesthesia program in the New York area to start in July 2016 and would like to swap or transfer to a program in Chicago, Baltimore, DC or Philadelphia for family reasons. Available: PGY2 (CA-1), Anesthesia, New York area, July 2016 Looking for: PGY2...
  28. davethebarbarian


  29. B

    Nursing to Pre-med

    Hi everyone, I am a new member and was hoping to get some of your opinion's on my situation. I am currently a sophomore at a four year university majoring in Nursing and have a 4.0 GPA, but am having second thoughts about becoming a nurse. I originally went into nursing with the hopes of...
  30. J

    Thoughts on transferring from one postbacc program to another?

    Hi all! So, this is my brief(ish) story so far in regards to my path to my med school plus the questions that it leads me to. I'm currently doing a career-changers postbacc at NYU. It's a fantastic program and very rigorous. I had a great undergrad GPA (3.81) and some solid med-related ECs...
  31. C

    Getting into medical school after having a rough time in college?

    I've wanted to be a doctor my entire life and I am really starting to think that no medical is going to want anything to do with me. Basically my current situation is I'm at a decently ranked 4-year-instituation and getting good grades. However, I am having an incredibly rough time. I was not...
  32. P

    Struggling with pre-pharm - should I transfer now?

    I'm a 2nd year pre-pharm student at a small, specialized, 0-6 health sciences school. Right now I'm taking Orgo I, Physics I, Microbiology, and a humanities coursee for a total of 15 credits. My problem is that my grades are completely going down the tube. First semester of 1st year I had a...