Industry APPE Rotation - EUROPE?

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May 25, 2012
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Hi Everyone,

I am interested in doing an industry APPE rotation in Europe next school year (2016-2017), preferably in any country where I can get by with English or Spanish as the primary language spoken. My school does not have any connections to pharma companies in Europe (only community pharmacies). Do any of you have connections in Europe that I can contact? Or have connections in the US who might have connections in Europe? I have searched on several companies' websites, but have not been successful in locating a 6 week rotation; most of the opportunities are a minimum 1 year commitment. As of right now, my only strategy is to search for people on LinkedIn and send blind emails out and hope that I am sending it to the right person. I would greatly appreciate any help or guidance on this! Thank you all in advance.

PS - Please don't leave a negative comment about my desire to do a rotation in Europe. Yes, I have been to Europe. Yes, I've thought about this for quite a while now. Yes, I know it will be difficult. Yes, I know it will be expensive. Thanks!

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Yes, you only want to surround yourself with positive comments.

I never see the world as being "negative" or "positive". I see things as they truly are...the good and bad. That is how I make my decision. People who tell you not to be "negative" are just basically telling you to STFU because they don't want to hear it.

But yeah, let's put our head in the sand and hope things will work out. And if it doesn't? Well, that is because someone screwed me over not because I didn't do my research.
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You need to review whether your school allows you to find your own APPEs. My own would not allow that. If they allow it, you need to see if they would allow international rotations. The hours received from such a rotation would probably not go towards intern hours needed for licensure.
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On a positive note......that doesn't mean you can't possibly do an industry "APPE", just count on it being *in addition* to the US APPE's that you school will require for graduation. I'm assuming you want to do this for the experience, instead of looking for an approved APPE (which you won't get), I would look for a summer interneship at a European industry, either the summer before, or the summer after your graduation.
Talk to your experiential coordinator and discuss your interests. My director allowed me to have a great rotation abroad and it counted as APPE. Check into the IPSF student exchange program.
I did one during the summer that did not count towards an IPPE but following that I was able to do an internship abroad that counted towards elective APPEs. As long as you complete your required components (hospital, community, ambulatory, etc) you should be fine but again, make sure you have good relationship with your school's APPE director and are aware of all necessary requirements to graduate.