1. J

    Pharmacy Fellowship/Entry level Industry Positions

    Hello everyone! I am currently interviewing for multiple fellowship programs specifically for medical affairs but unfortunately have no luck so far. Mind everyone that I did work in the industry before for 3-4 years (manufacturing) and worked during pharmacy school as well (closed door pharmacy...
  2. K

    Double degree : Chem. engineering VS Marketing

    Hello everyone ! I hope you're all doing well and please pardon me if my post doesn't belong here. First of all I'd like to underline the fact that I'm a European pharmacy student (2nd year). My goal is to settle in North America and to work in the industry. One of the opportunities that is...
  3. G

    Thoughts/advice on applying to MD/PhD Programs

    Hello SDN, I'm currently planning on applying to MD/PhD programs in the coming summer/fall. I'll briefly post my stats and relevant experiences below, and some concerns I have. Any thoughts and advice will be greatly appreciated! -cGPA: 3.6 (sharp incline after sophomore year, ended with three...
  4. O

    Industry: regulatory affairs or pharmacovigilance?

    Does anyone know which department is more suitable for pharmDs, generally speaking? I'm already working in the industry but interested in switching to either of the two departments above. At my current company, PV does seem to be more popular than RA, but I'm not sure if that's the norm. I...
  5. I

    Does work as an R&D engineer count as “research?”

    Non traditional MD/PhD applicant coming from a BS/MS program in bioengineering. I did 2 years of undergrad/grad research I’m the same lab resulting in some abstracts and posters. Then I got a job as an R&D engineer at a ****ty medical device start up (part of my motivation for applying to...
  6. Sparda29

    Official: How to break into industry?

    Just creating a thread that hopefully can be stickied that would have information on how Average Joe, PharmD (only retail and hospital experience) can break into industry jobs.
  7. B

    Industry Internship

    I'm currently a first year pharmacy student who is interested in possibly pursuing industry as a career path. Are there any internships to help me stand out when applying in the future? Where can I find information on industry internships / summer fellowships?
  8. C

    Need advice?

    I applied for residencies, but only got 1 interview (at one of my top choices). My former industry supervisor reached out about a position that would be a 2 year contract. I most likely would need to make a decision before match day. My goal all along was to do a residency, but I like industry...
  9. H


  10. F

    Post-Fellow Salary

    Hello all, I'm greatly interested in pursuing an industry fellowship. I'm happy to apply for most fellowships, but I need someway to start narrowing down what field I would be interested in. Out of curiosity, does anyone know standard salaries for the various positions once you're finished a...
  11. MikeS95

    Clinical pharmacy and industry

    Hi i am gonna be employing soon and am trying to decide if i should try to go to schools who offer more clinical or more industry fellowship/residency opportunities. From what I notice schools are either geared towards one or the other for the most part. I am interested in both and its hard to...
  12. P

    Your real career options with a PharmD

  13. koercive

    Industry Fellowship 2017

    After a long-time hiatus, I am back! I completed a 2 year HE&OR fellowship after completing a PharmD/MS program a few years ago and now work full-time for a large cap pharmaceutical company as an Associate Director in HE&OR. I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Who's applying to...
  14. deforestasian

    Industry Research

    Hello friends, Just a few questions about how interning in a biotech company would be seen in terms of research. I worked two summers (plus this next summer) at a blood diagnostics company working on some clinical trial stuff as well as an independent research project for which a publication...
  15. m2regen

    Non Trad. Engineer --> MD/PhD, Schools List, Feedback, etc.

    Hey there! So I have been working in engineering R&D for a large and well-known medical device company for a couple of years and am interested in applying to MD/PhD programs in engineering. Here is my profile: (cGPA: 3.06) and (sGPA: 3.46), post-bacc GPA (all science): 3.84, grad GPA (MS...
  16. m2regen

    Engineer to MD/PhD in Engineering

    Hello! I have been working in engineering R&D for a large and well-known medical device company for a couple of years and am interested in applying to MD/PhD programs. I have some academic research experience in basic science molecular biology, and experience as a researcher for an...
  17. H

    MD/MBA Testimonials for Newly matriculating MD student

    I know there are multiple threads about this but they seem to be quite general. I was wondering if anyone could provide a testimonial on their experience as an MD/MBA. This post is specifically for those who got into medical school and then decided to possibly do their schools Dual Degree...
  18. Striatum14

    Industrial vs. Research Labwork

    Hi! Over the summer I interned in a molecular biology lab at a biotech company. However, this clearly doesn't count as research, and I would eventually like to get some research experience if I decide to go down the MD/PhD route. The thing is that I got invited by the mol bio lab to intern with...
  19. C

    Industry APPE Rotation - EUROPE?

    Hi Everyone, I am interested in doing an industry APPE rotation in Europe next school year (2016-2017), preferably in any country where I can get by with English or Spanish as the primary language spoken. My school does not have any connections to pharma companies in Europe (only community...
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