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Discussion in 'Caribbean' started by Study247, Jan 29, 2008.

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  1. Study247

    Study247 2+ Year Member

    Jan 29, 2008
    Hi every1
    Im a Canadian citizen, currently in gr.12 and I have been an honor roll academic student for all 4 yrs having a GPA of 87% and higher. I have heard from many of my friends that are already in canadian uni's that it very difficult (near to impossible) to become a doctor in canada. They have said that their friends have got very high scores on the MCAT but have failed the interviews or had a lot of problems getting into the good med schools. Basically... i want to avoid those problems and anyways in the end I don't want to settle down in Canada, id rather settle down in the U.S which is why I was considering the Carribbean med schools. I needed a little advice on applying to Carribbean med schools... i dunno if its worth it straight from high school and if it is worth it then which uni's are the best in terms of financial and academic status... ive heard of SGU, Ross and All Saints Uni. ...but i wud really appreciate some feedback from those with some experience,
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  3. oldpro

    oldpro MS IV 5+ Year Member

    OK wheres the others here?

    I would say go to college first and get a degree then if you want go to the Caribbean for Medical school. WHY?


    The Caribbean schools are NOT ACCREDITED.


    Yes some say they are but this is a lie plain and simple

    they cannot confer a BS degree

    (If I'm wrong then please update us but I looked into this stuff a few years ago and this was the case)

    Any premed work done is mostly only good for a 6 year degree for that school.

    So you go to AUA, or MUA or even ROSS and do premed, you want to transfer to SGU, guess what? You will be turned down, Transfer to the USA? FOrget it!

    You will not have a recognized BS degree hence you have nothing if you drop out or want to change gears, you will have credits that may not transfer to anywhere, ( some have said they were able to transfer credits but believe me this is not everywhere and is very limited)

    All in all the Caribbean is a risk, now to go from Highschool you have doubled to tripled the risk and to have loans you may not be able to pay back if you do not finish and this is all or nothing.

    Your life and your choice but this is why others will tell you to go to college first.

    I have studying to do good night:luck:
  4. Study247

    Study247 2+ Year Member

    Jan 29, 2008
    Hi oldpro... thnx for replying...umm so the Caribbean uni's are not accredited at all!
    but that means i wud hav to waste 4 yrs doing my BSc which doesn't realli allow me to do anything...there are hardly any jobs available for a science undergrad in Canada... and then trying for med school here is really really dificult to get into.... i have a friend of a friend who got 96% on his MCAT but failed in his interview and now he's trying to go to the US. So thats y i thought it wud be better to do the premed + med in the caribbean. wat if i go to St.George and complete the 7 yr program including pre-med (3yrs) and med (4 yrs) ... i know its going to be really expensive but i want to be a doctor in the end so im willing to take the problem of loans and I don't see y I would need to transfer to another university for credits... again im realli not sure about this system so if u cud explain wat u mean by the transferring credits? I was also looking into some of the East European unis in Ireland and Hungary but i dunno if it is the right choice. So u still say that i shud do my Bsc here and then choose if i want to do med in the carribbean?
  5. lord_jeebus

    lord_jeebus 和魂洋才 SDN Moderator 10+ Year Member

    Jul 12, 2003
    If there are really no jobs for a science major in Canada :rolleyes:, major in something else. If you still need to go Caribbean, it's always available as a backup when you apply to med school.

    DO NOT get a Bachelor's in the Caribbean.
  6. Study247

    Study247 2+ Year Member

    Jan 29, 2008
    i see.... so really the carribbean is a backup ...hmm... that's disappointing. Why is it like that though...y should one not get their bachelors in the caribbean and wat do u recommend about other countries and their pre meds? such as Ireland, Australia or New Zealand?
  7. oldpro

    oldpro MS IV 5+ Year Member

    All these schools are 6 year MD schools, some accept you as 4 year if you have a BS degree others do not and then you go for the 5 or 6 years.

    You see this is problem with what you are looking to do

    If you go for 2 or three years then decide, maybe medicine is not the thing for me then what? A 6 year program is for medicine, you have nothing, not EMT, not Nursing, not teaching, not lab tech nada.

    That is what we are saying, this is the "Work at Wal Mart as a greeter" joke is about.

    FOr instance, I have a degree and I'm an RN, I still have my license, anything, anything goes wrong for any reason I can go out and make some real $$$.

    If I had gone to 4 years of a 6 year Medical school what would I really have if I had to stop? Loans that I cannot pay back.

    Think about it is what we are saying.
  8. Study247

    Study247 2+ Year Member

    Jan 29, 2008
    hi oldpro,

    thanks for ur suggestions... i did discuss the process with my parents and we came to the conclusion that in the end i do want to pursue medicine... i cud stay in canada and do my BScN (nursing) but i don't want to wait the 4 years. However, I do understand what u are saying to keep the caribbean as a backup choice and not as a first i think thats wat i will do. Im applying to Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and last choice as the Caribbean.
    But im not sure which uni in the caribbean is good... especially to get ur residencies in the u.s.a ... can u guide me on that note :)

    thanks for all ur guidance, u've been very helpful
  9. aProgDirector

    aProgDirector Pastafarians Unite! SDN Advisor SDN Moderator 10+ Year Member

    Oct 11, 2006
    I'll add my voice to the chorus that is telling you that this is a bad plan. You are much better off getting a Bachelor's degree first for many, many reasons. Do not rush into medicine -- it's a great career but you should explore other options while you can. Get a Bachelor's degree in anything you want -- Science, Music, English, Art History -- make sure you take the science pre-req's but otherwise explore. In Canada college is much less expensive than the US. You will really be missing out on a good experience.

    Once getting your Bachelor's degree, you will then be free to apply to both US and Canadian med schools. Yes, Canadian schools are hard to get into, but people do get in, and it might be you. Work hard, get good grades, volunteer, etc. You can also apply to school in the US. Going to med school in the US or Canada will give you the most options as you decide what you want to do. International grads have a difficult time getting some of the most competitive slots, and you don't know yet whether you might want to try for one.

    Do not rush this. Don't go oversees to a 6 year school to "save two years". Invest those 2 years in yourself.
  10. oldpro

    oldpro MS IV 5+ Year Member

    If you have to then the schools I would look into is


    There are a few others and a lot to stay away from.
  11. Study247

    Study247 2+ Year Member

    Jan 29, 2008
    Hey guys... i spoke to my parents once again and this time u guys are right... it doesn't make sense doing my bachelors in the terms of cost, degree and will to pursue doesnt really save me much time either and i will study hard here and go to the u.s from here if possible but i just wanted to thakyou for ur advice it means a lot to me.
  12. 178061


    Dec 2, 2007
    I think SGU has some partnerships with US colleges. If you do well there for 3 years, you get accepted. Probably cheaper just to stay in Canada for a 3-year bachelors then apply to SGU though.

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