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Aug 13, 2017

I would like to ask what are the requirements needed for someone who just finished Medical School in the EU and wants to do their Internship in Norway or Sweden?
What documents are necessary?
What tests are required to do? (any Language tests, additional medical tests, etc.)

I am in my final year of medical school, I will be graduating summer 2018 from a EU Medical School, most specifically Slovakia. I am studying in Slovakia medicine in the english language. I am aware that after I graduate I am required to do a medical internship.
I would like to go to Norway as My first choice but I'm also considering Sweden, as many students studying with me are Swedish. I have been learning both Swedish and Norwegian but I'm still at the basics.
I would like to know what I am required to do to be able to aply for internship in Norway and Sweden, where am I meant to aply? Is there a language test?
Is there any course avaible that aids you in preparation for the test? What are the costs of the test?

Do you any racommendation, suggestions and advice for me?
Do you think it will be easier for me to do my Internship in Sweden or Norway?

If you any information on where I can read further on this topic regarding documents etc.
Please send me some links I would be very grateful!

Thank you so much!! I appreciate any help you can give me!!! :)
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