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Feb 3, 2004
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Hey everybody,

I have my interview at NVCP this Wednesday, February 18th and would like some advice about interviewing. Let me know for those of you who already went there for interviews how did it go and you already hear for admission.
Thanks and anything will be helpful. What kind of question they ask for the essay part?

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Hi danix! You might want to check out the following threads. In one of them I share some potential IV questions, as well as my thoughts about the block system:

If you've got any specific questions, feel free to PM me. I'll try to answer them as best I can...I'm kinda "out of the loop" this year as far as admissions is concerned.

You can also check the feedback left on the interview feedback forum. As far as the essay topic, it's usually a very general, simple question. They just want to see that you can write in a structured, logical manner....good written communications skills. I think mine was something about "practice makes perfect" and what I thought about that saying.

Good Luck!
Hi danix. I had an interview at NVCP on Jan. 21st. The whole interview process takes about 4 to 5 hrs. I seems like a lot of people there had a hard time finding the place so make sure you leave early. As for the essay portion, you have 20-30 min on a particular topic and 1 1/2 page to write it. My essay topic was about compromising. As for the acceptance status, i haven't recieve a letter yet. Dr. Deyoung said that the letter will be sent out about a month after our interview (although I know some of the really strong candidate recieved their letter already). All the faculty and students are very friendly. It was one of the most enjoyable interview experience I had. So have fun and good luck!
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Hi guys,

I really appreciate your answers. You have been very helpful. I am geting ready for my trip tomorrow so hopefully everything will go well.

Just look back at the similar post that i asked LVpharm couple weeks ago. Hope that helps.
good luck to you on the interview!