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Interview Etiquette

Discussion in 'Pre-Pharmacy' started by sprinkle0420, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. sprinkle0420

    sprinkle0420 New Member 2+ Year Member

    Jul 29, 2006
    fremont, ca
    I have some questions for 3 interviews I have coming up within the next three weeks ( USN March 31st, Midwestern CPG April 4th, and Touro April 12th). I was wondering if someone could help me out, it would be much appreciated!
    1) Is it customary to bring a purse to an interview? I will be wearing a business jacket/skirt and therefore will be wearing pantyhose...I usually bring a small purse to carry an extra pair of pantyhose with me in case the worst case scenario plays out and I snag them right before my interview, but I don't know it it would be frowned upon.

    2) When I enter the room in which I am about to interview, should I shake hands with each member of the panel individually or just quickly introduce myself and be seated? For work interviews I usually shake hands with the person who is conducting the interview and am unsure if a grad school interview would be any different.

    3) If I am asked to mention a weakness, does mentioning that I find it hard to take breaks whether from school or work sound cocky or arrogant? A friend of mine said that it did and I just wanted a second opinion since i am at a loss of what I should mention as a weakness that doesn't make me sound bad LOL.
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  3. jg12

    jg12 2+ Year Member

    Nov 20, 2006
    Definitely smile, maintain eye contact, and give each of them a firm hand shake.

    I would try to come up with something more substantial than not taking breaks. Perhaps rephrased somewhat, like you tend to overwork or over analyze, which results in spreading yourself thin in other aspects of your life. Oh, and make sure you state how you're improving yourself to overcome whatever your weakness may be.

    Good luck!!
  4. twester

    twester Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Aug 3, 2004
    Denver, CO
    I get the feeling that you're looking for advice from women and I'm sure you'll get that, but I do have some opinions.

    1. Shake hands with and introduce yourself to each person in the room. It's a show of good faith, confidence in a strange situation and lets the interviewer(s) cut to the chase - interviewing you.

    2. Bring a purse. As a man, I never even notice women's purses - unless it's a shiny, flashing object or shaped like a trombone case or something. Usually, you'll have a safe place to leave your personal belongings while you're in the interview itself.

    3. Your weakness should be a true weakness and you should be prepared to show how you compensate for that weakness. Give it some thought and make it sound positive. You know? A weakness like, "I have a weakness for sniffing turpentine and taking my clothes off in public", is a weakness you'd want to avoid. Find a way to spin your true weakness into something positive. Something that shows an awareness of self and willingness to adapt is the best thing to talk about.

    Good luck with your interviews. Relax, be yourself and get to know the people you meet. The experience doesn't have to be terrifying; but is, by nature, kinda scary.
  5. aboveliquidice

    aboveliquidice No sacrifice - No victory Pharmacist Moderator Emeritus 10+ Year Member

    Apr 23, 2006
    San Antonio, TX

    1 - at my interview - there were plenty of Interviewees with purses - We had a place to put stuff down during the actual interviews - so that may be an option fro you

    2 - everyone was standing when I entered the room... So I naturally shook their hands - I think you should do what is natural - A good hand shake is always important. Also, if it is not sweating - they know you are cool and collected.

    3 - You might want to sell your weakness in a different way. It does sound a little too over the top. Mine was similar to yours though. I am sometimes too "Gun ho" about projects. I rush in to complete them - sometimes leaving my peers behind. I went on to explain how I have been working on it since leaving the military. If you can elaborate on it more - initial thoughts of arrogance can be altered.

    Good :luck:

  6. Lurkerkat

    Lurkerkat Junior Member 7+ Year Member

    Aug 9, 2006
    1) I stole my husband's briefcase. I also brought a notepad with me so I could take notes and also it was large enough to store any packets or information the school handed out.

    2) Shake hands and say hello, nice to meet you and other such pleasantries with everyone. The real challenge though is trying to evenly distribute eye contact. I only had two people interviewing me and it's difficult not to just focus on one person and ignore the other.

    3) Sounds a little too much like someone responding that they work too hard. Could you elaborate on it during the interview. Explain why it's a bad thing for you? Do you burn out? Has there ever been any negative effect due to this weakness? If you personalize it and relate it back to specific incidences, it won't sound too cheesy or cocky.
  7. bluebear26


    Mar 19, 2007
    1. i don't think it's bad to bring a purse to the interview. during my interview i brought my purse and so did most of the girls there also.

    2. i think you should shake hands with everyone that is in the room with you. it just shows courtiousy and respect to the interviewers.

    3. if you want to use that weakness you should make it have a positive meaning to it.

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