Interview Invitations for under the 3.0 Club

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Just do your best. Best of luck. Hopefully, you will do the same for my turn :hardy:

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What are the questions that they asked because you were an under 3.0 club member??
Don't give up hope... I had under 3.0 and I got a bunch of interviews despite applying in December.
Members don't see this ad :)
What is the toughest question that has been asked to an under 3.0 member???
Got a letter yesterday...NYU wants to interview. I am not an official member of the "UNDER 3.0 CLUB", but I am at a its pretty much the same thing. Really excited...first interview opportunity (due to lower DAT scores...which puts me at large disadvantage). Nervous. Dont know what to expect. The letter they send you really looks like a rejection letter (as mentioned before) due to its small size. Any thoughts?
Just do your best in the interview.
Also have u considered re-taking the DAT?