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Feb 6, 2007
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For anyone who is a general practice resident, or has been a resident, is it more exciting and rewarding than 4th year rotations? I have been to residency fairs and I have talked to residents who say that they had a certain acute care rotation that really opened their eyes to doing a residency. I liked my acute care rotations, but I felt like we just did the same thing every single day, and I kinda got tired of it by the end of each one. Is this common for students to get so burnt out, or should I be worried that maybe I don't have the drive? Is a residency more interesting, or is it just the same thing as rotations for a whole year instead of just one month? :confused:

I can't tell if I'm just frustrated and ready for graduation (and $), b/c I wake up some mornings really excited about the possibility of doing a residency, yet others I worry I'm making the wrong decision. I also have interviews scheduled in the upcoming weeks, so I am trying to get my thoughts straight before going in. I know it is great to have so many career options in pharmacy, but maybe that's part of my problem, too!
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