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I've been given mixed advice from my peers/friends about whether I should take my MCAT in 10 days. I am getting a 507 on the practice FLs while my goal is 511+. Is it better if I take my chances and take it and get a score, or should I push it back to January? Furthermore, is having two scores with an improvement better or having 1 solid score? I was thinking I can take to show that I've been studying in the summer so Med schools don't question what I've been up to. However, I've also read that some med schools take the avg of the two exams in which case might not be a good idea.

TLDR; which looks better to admissions committee: Taking MCAT twice with improvement, or once with solid score?

Thank you!
Once with a solid score. Do NOT take the exam until you are 100% ready.

And I suggest that you get better friends/peers


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Oct 27, 2013
One solid score.

Improvements are great. For those who may have taken an exam or done poorly, the improvement is what will set them apart to some extend. It will not set them so far apart that they appear better than those who aced things on the first-go.

On one hand, yes they see improvement. On the other hand they see someone who may have made poor decisions or lacked good judgment as to their preparedness, and thus the retake was necessary. Versus someone with the solid score on the first go, where they see someone who was prepared and did well.
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