General Is it risky to ask for a deferral?

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Oct 27, 2013
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Im heavily considering asking for a deferral due to health/personal reasons. However I am afraid the school may rescind my acceptance for asking or that while i take my deferral year (if it is granted) something may change and i may lose my spot.

Is this possible? I want to be as ready as possible before i begin but i also do not want to jeopardize my spot asking for or taking a deferral.

Thank you!

I'm unaware of any schools that would rescind an offer of acceptance with a request for a deferral, however most schools, if not all, have specifics as for what they will grant a deferral.

Usually those are for military service, personal illness, or something with family where you may have to be caretaker or maybe someone is extremely/terminally ill.

Simply asking for a deferral to be more ready likely won't be approved, and would look bad on you since you should have waited to apply if you didn't feel ready. With that said, it's rare to actually feel ready, so if that's all that is holding you back, then I would not recommend waiting.
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