Aug 3, 2016
So I am currently going into my P3 year, technically I should be a p4 but due to the fact that I failed a class that wasn't offered during the summer I had to wait an entire year to retake it. On top of this I wasn't allowed to take any P4 classes so I literally took two classes for entirety of last year. Going into my P2 year now almost 2 years ago I was experiencing a lot of stress and issues at home. My father was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer and on top of his he lost his job so I was forced to work full time to help out my family.I had wanted to take the year off so my grades wouldn't plummet but my parents had put down too much towards my Tuition already so they'd be losing the majority of it if I backed out. So I went into to 4th year and did horribly managed to fail two classes and now my GPA stands at a measly 2.95...That was two years ago and Im resuming my full time student status this fall with the intent of trying my absolute best to bring up my grades. The issues I delt with that affected me two years ago have been resolved so I am certain that I will be able to decent in school these last two years.

Anyway the reason why I am posting this is because I am starting to realize I want a residency after college and I am concerned due to my academic standing. I don't hold any leadership positions in any pharmacy organization's on campus but will get involved this year. I work at a walgreens and a hospital at the moment that allows me to spend some shifts working with the clinical pharmacist which I really enjoy doing. I am also looking for a volunteer position at the moment as well. Is obtaining a residency still possible in my case? I've heard of a bunch of students with lower end GPAs so I don't think it's too out of reach for me. I'm just really concerned bc I don't want to be stuck with a only pursing a career in retail.


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May 25, 2009
You won't know unless you try. What will be your GPA? Know that some places have GPA cutoffs and won't look at your application if you're under it. Apply broadly. Do you have work experience? Work experience goes a long way. Make sure you pick a variety of rotations as well and get really good letter of recommendations.