Dec 8, 2020
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  1. Pre-Medical
I am setting my eyes on ISMMS, but I would like honest feedback to know if I should further pursue this or if it would be a waste of my time and money,

  • I grew up in a very rural part of New Mexico (village of 500 people, I want to be a doctor because we grew up with a great lack of healthcare)
  • URM (Hispanic, so Spanish bilingual [also speak Italian and Japanese], took Japanese in HS and took an upper-level Spanish course last semester with an A) and I think that language is a heavy part of the app and it IS NYC.
  • Low Income (my elementary school had 97% of students below the poverty line), Mt Sinai's loan cap makes this very appealing to me, so does the guaranteed housing as I was in a very insecure housing situation for some time (sleeping in cars, staying in hotels, pretty much homeless)
  • LGBT
  • Did pretty awful in high school as I was the main source of income for my mom and my siblings (mom couldn't work, bad hep-c and bad DM, further motivation to enter medicine), GPA of around 3.2 weighted (despite my inability to dedicate time to school [working 70 hrs a week] I took many AP courses and at least passed them all, but AP tests conflicted with work so I have no credit for them. Only EC is DECA, which I did for 1 year and was a national finalist.
  • College used to only be a dream thought, but when my mother passed away my s/o's family started to provide for me and I now attend an okay midwestern school (IU) which is honestly better than I expected
  • SAT: 1250, I know that's pretty below average, but I only took it to qualify for a merit award and have received it, saving me ~$40,000 of loans.
  • Finished my first semester of college with a 3.95, dean's list, I see the rest of my college grades following suit, since I now have the opportunity to focus on my education.
  • Paid position as Lead Design Editor for one of my school's journals
  • Volunteering to administer covid rapid tests & being allowed to administer the covid vaccine
  • Made arrangements to scribe in the summer and shadow in the winter

I am majoring in Biochemistry, but I have profound interest in the computer sciences. Being poor, I was delighted to get my first laptop (chrombook) which sparked my interest for Linux as I hacked it to put it on there, which allowed me to make the most out of its "small" price tag and expanded it's relatively simple abilities, my school was very underfunded so I was able to learn a lot of things on the internet that I didn't have access to.
I have also recently dedicated myself to Wolfram Alpha's Mathematica and PyMOL also brings me joy.
Given the privilege of not needing the MCAT, I would devote more time to the computer sciences (Python, etc.) and seek a minor in Computer Science.
I strongly believe that with the advancement of interventional radiology (and other technology-heavy specialties) there is an advantage to being knowledgeable in both fields, I think it only makes sense to understand how the device works, how it can be improved, and how else it can be applied in medicine etc.

Sorry for this being so wordy and badly written but it would let me know if this is something worth doing, or if my app would be thrown out for low SAT and HS grades,
Thank you 🙏
Jul 25, 2020
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  1. Pre-Medical
I applied to FlexMed this year. I assume you are trying to apply next cycle?

Frankly, I don't think your profile is FlexMed-esque. Your flex factor is interesting but based on your profile you haven't done much CS-related activities already. FlexMed primarily looks at continued interest in a field and how they can help you expand on it. That being said, if you use this year to get knee-deep in some CS-related extracurriculars that align with what you want to accomplish in the two years (and that are documentable aka something you can name an advisor for and calculate hours for) you would get I think you would have a better shot. Your SAT/HS GPA is low but there are spaces to explain your unique circumstances. URM certainly helps.

My two cents are to apply 1) if you are able to get some CS extracurriculars to show them you are actually passionate about this and this isn't just a pass on the MCAT and 2) if you can safely dish out the application fee. I don't mean to assume, so forgive me, but I am guessing the app fee is what is stopping you from just throwing an app in.

Regardless, you actually sound like a stellar regular cycle applicant. If you like Icahn SOM I would maybe consider attacking the MCAT. Given the rest of your profile (that amazing GPA, great clinical and nonclinical activities etc) continue and you get a decent MCAT score you could very well gain admission to ISMMS and benefit from their debt cap.
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