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  1. hockeyduderr

    Mount Sinai Biomedical Sciences Postbacc Program: 2021-2022

    Hello! I was recently admitted to the ISMMS Masters Biomedical Sciences and am strongly considering accepting a spot in the incoming class. I have some questions about the nature of the curriculum as well as the support system. If anyone is able to answer these questions, then I would...
  2. kuuiyneko

    Is there any hope for FlexMed?

    Howdy, I am setting my eyes on ISMMS, but I would like honest feedback to know if I should further pursue this or if it would be a waste of my time and money, Info: I grew up in a very rural part of New Mexico (village of 500 people, I want to be a doctor because we grew up with a great lack...
  3. A

    Will exceeding max credit hours be of value to my application? (FlexMed)

    Hello! I am a current first-year undergrad student. The maximum credit hours allowed at my institution is 18. However, seeing as how my GPA is high, and I plan on double majoring, my advisor recommended that I consider petitioning to take 19 credits so that I am able to take more classes that...
  4. M

    Icahn SOM at Mount Sinai vs. Weill Cornell Medicine

    Mt. Sinai Pros All lectures are recorded & non-mandatory Really cares about student wellness; many of the students seemed genuinely happy (as far as medical school wellness goes) Protected half-days every Tuesday (nothing scheduled after 12PM) & an examination system that allows students to...
  5. D

    Mount Sinai vs. Yale

  6. S

    UCSF vs Mount Sinai

    Mount Sinai Pros Location is ideal. I am interested in working with diverse and under-serve populations so working and living in very close proximity to Harlem sounds amazing. Also, being close to Central Park is a plus. Born n raised in NY, so family, friends, and SO are here Will be ~60K in...
  7. bootsandspooky

    BU vs. Mount Sinai vs. UC Irvine

    Hi everyone! It's going to be awhile before waitlists start moving and I am doubtful that any of those will work out for me, but fortunately I do like the options I have right now. I would really like to hear others' experiences with the below schools, perceived differences between them, and any...
  8. C


  9. AlpineGal

    Mount Sinai

    Hey Guys! Let me get to the point. Having a degree already and still having to submit my SAT/ACT. The question is, do I have to submit those tests? As well as my High School Transcript?? I know I should probably contact the school in regards to this. However I was hoping, that maybe someone has...
  10. A

    Renting Affordable Chicagoland Room Rentals for Med Students

    Hi everybody! =) - Beautiful newly remodeled garden apartment in a very safe neighborhood. - Quiet, smoke free home - 2 furnished bedrooms available, rent includes all utilities, wifi, AC/Heating, washer/dryer use. - Shared common areas: living room, kitchen, & bathroom. Kitchen with...
  11. CaptainWEMT

    FlexMed 2018

    Hello, Seeing as the application will be opening soon, I thought it would be a good idea to start this up. As a reference, here are the links to the last few years of FlexMed forums 2014: FlexMed 2014 2015: FlexMed 2015 2016: FlexMed 2016 2017: FlexMed 2017
  12. W

    Mount Sinai vs. NYU

    Fortunate enough to have acceptances to two great NY medical schools. Costs of attendance are approximately the same with NYU being slightly more expensive due to more expensive housing--I'm not really using cost as a decision-making factor. I already decided against Vanderbilt and UVA largely...
  13. S

    Renting Looking for Mt Sinai Summer Housing

    Hello! I am a university student and will be in Manhattan this summer (early june - early aug) to intern at Mount Sinai. I'd like to share a room/house/apt with other students, but I'm willing to have my own place or share with non-students. My budget is about $4000 max for the whole time. I...
  14. S

    Mount Sinai and two-body problem: options (post-bacc, lab tech, Masters) for gf

    Hi all, I'm leaning towards Mount Sinai's MSTP program. Problem is, my girlfriend (wants to get her PhD in Microbio) only applied to one NYC school (Columbia) and got rejected. She's most likely getting into a Baltimore school, so long-distance is our back-up plan. We're fretting about our...
  15. I

    Beth-Israel/Mount Sinai FM Residency Updates for applicants

    I know several of the residents at the Beth Israel family medicine program as well as their sibling program, the IFH-Harlem Family Medicine program (the latter program has their inpatient experience at Mt Sinai, while the former were previously at Beth-Israel). There was recently a meeting...
  16. S

    MSTP applicant, need to make decision- accepted Mount Sinai

    Hi all, First post so bear with me! Been interviewing at MSTP programs, specifically for genetics/human genomics/developmental biology. In terms of medical fields, considering ophthalmology. Super excited to get an acceptance from Mount Sinai :) My question now is: of my remaining interviews...
  17. F

    Secondary application "upload photo" problem at Mount Sinai Medical (NY)

    The rest of the secondary application is working fine for me. However, when I try to upload my photo, and then save it, it says that the page is complete, but it also says "no file chosen". Anybody else having this issue? Thanks
  18. W

    Icahn MPH 2016

    Wanted some feedback on Icahn's mph program at Mount Sinai. Is this program mainly tailored for medical students? Im not sure whether they would be as welcoming for people just out of undergrad.
  19. A

    Full Cost of Attendance at Mount Sinai vs. Yale?

    Hello all! This is my first post on SDN. I'm hoping to receive some advice on my medical school decision. I have been fortunate enough to have received admission to Yale and Mount Sinai, among other schools this cycle. Below is some of my background, as well as my pros/cons. I would appreciate...
  20. D

    Mount Sinai vs. Duke

    I was wondering if people with direct experience with these schools could chime in on whether it would be worth it to attend Duke over Mount Sinai, despite Duke being ~130k dollars higher in cost for me. I have reasons as to why I am pretty set on Mount Sinai such as: -its significantly cheaper...
  21. A

    Yale vs. Mount Sinai vs. NYU

    Hello all! This is my first post on SDN. I'm hoping to receive some advice on my medical school decision. I have been fortunate enough to have received admission to Yale, Mount Sinai, and NYU this cycle. Here is some of my background, as well as my pros/cons. I would appreciate hearing some...
  22. bostoncollegemgh

    Mayo (Full Tuition) vs. Sinai (60% tuition)

    The difference will come to $54,000 over the 4 years. Mayo is a great place. I completely understand it's educational value, opportunities and how I could perceivably do better there academically. Of course the hospital is on another level and completely outshines Sinai. However, I absolutely...
  23. S

    Chances 2016 FlexMed for engineering student?

  24. N

    MD My chances for MSTP at these schools...

    MCAT: 514 (PS: 11, VR: 10, BS: 12, P/S: 13) GPA: 3.71 (I think I can get it to 3.76 by the time i apply in june) sGPA: 3.52 (I think I can get it to 3.62 by the time i apply) I have 2 years experience working in a neuroscience lab (somatosensory and motor systems/ molecular genetics...