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Discussion in 'General International Discussion' started by drdp, Jan 8, 2002.

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    If anyone knows how the students at International University of Health Sciences are doing in terms of getting rotations in the US and residency in the US, I am dying to find out. My state board does not list this school as one they grant licensce to for practice.

    Please alleviate my concern with any positive/negative information. Thanks,

  2. all i can say, is i think this is a school to avoid..

    my reasons are 1. no history of getting students placed in residency or licensed to practice and 2. the method of education.

    iuhs uses internet chat rooms and such to attract students that do not want to leave the states in order to get their degree. now, i agree that pbl is a powerful tool and that most of my studies have been learned independently, i think that a school needs a good faculty and lab resources in order to properly teach medicine. and i have a hard time believing that the graduates of this school will be allowed to practice in the states when word gets out that they do not attend class and that they learn over the internet.

    whatever the future of medical education holds, be it self directed study with the internet as a big tool, or whatever, i have my doubts that the way will be paved by a caribean school. there are too many legit schools out there that want to eductate you...stay away from this one!!

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