Interviewing Kansas City University CDM Class of 2029 Interview/Acceptance Thread

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Dec 25, 2016
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Link to last year's thread: Kansas City University CDM Class of 2028 Interview/Acceptance Thread

Link to interview prep: Kansas City University College of Dental Medicine
----> Be sure to give feedback on your interview to help future applicants! :)

Link to school website:

Class of 2026 (ADEA Guide) General Stats:
N/A - The school does not have data on the ADEA guide just yet. Will update once it gets updated!

Good luck everyone!

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Interview #2
Notification date: 7/15/24
Method of notification: email
Residency: IS (Missouri)
AADSAS mail-out date: 6/12/24
Application marked complete date: 07/02/24
GPA (science, overall): 3.86 sGPA, 3.85 cGPA
DAT (AA/TS/PAT/Reading/any section below a 17): 21/21/24/23/no
Method of interview: Virtual
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