Kaplan class for Nbde part 1

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Feb 2, 2008
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Hi everybody,
I want to take Kaplan prep. class for part 1 nbde in Los Angeles.
Has anybody taken that class before or is taking now?
Which course is better? Does anybody have any inf. about different courses they offer for part 1?
my email is: [email protected]

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Kaplan is good for DAT. It is worthless for NBDE I and II

Your school has prepared you well, assuming it is ADA accredited. Do the decks and old exams and you will do very well.
dont bother taking kaplan for nbde...trust me,, i took it and i threw away $700 ......and its a total waste of time and money.
hope it helps.
I was in the same confusion when i took the class...i wish somebody had told me...
our school forced us to take it and it was a huge waste of money...i was very dissappointed
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thank you for your response ... I would think so, but everybody says take those class. I thought I might miss something if I don't take the class.
BTW how did you like Kaplan's nbde videos? are they helpful or not?
and how about its online question banks?
kaplan nbde videos are only for 14 hrs....in my opinion not THAT helpful
If I could do it all over again i wouldnt bother paying $700. Its all self study there....but if u feel u may miss out then take the classes because you dont want any regret at the end of the day.