1. T

    Pediatric Dentist board books for sale!!

    GREAT study material for boards!!! Looking to sell 2 pediatric dentistry textbooks, both hardcover, both in great condition. McDonald and Avery's Dentistry for the Child and Adolescent 2015 edition Pediatric Dentistry: Infancy through Adolescence, 6e by Arthur Nowak DMD, John R. Christensen...
  2. N

    For Sale UNWRITTEN IN Berkeley Review (2018 ed.) + Exam Krackers Biology (10 ed.) + Princeton Review CARS Workbook

    All books are entirely unwritten in and are gently used. There are no markings whatsoever in any of the books. Books include: The Berkeley Review 2018 ed. complete science set (Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, Physics, and Biology - 8 books) MCATBros charges $300... mine are $278 in...
  3. S

    Selling the MCAT Exam Krackers books (10th edition)

    Hi! I am selling the entire brand new set of EK books (10th edition). My friend bought the entire set for me, but I already have the whole set. The original price is $275, and I’m selling it for $220. I can give you a $50 discount but that is the max amount I can offer. If you are interested in...
  4. C

    Selling a bunch of Optometry equipment!

    These are all brand new and barely used. PM for more details and pictures. Random Dot 3s - Stereo Acuity Test with glasses - $190 Accommodative Flipper +/- 0.25 - $15 Accommodative Flipper +/- 0.50 - $15 Accommodative Flipper +/- 1.00 - $15 Accommodative Flipper +/- 2.00 - $15 Pinhole...
  5. B

    Kaplan MCAT 2018-2019

    Mint condition, no highlighting or writing. Comes with quicksheets Looking for 100 shipped (or best offer). Can also do local pickup in Mass Can also send pics/timestamps if needed
  6. H

    For Sale PCAT materials for sale (Dr. Collins, Kaplan, Barron's)

    Hey everyone! I recently took the PCAT and am interested in selling some of the materials I used to receive a competitive score and help me get into a top 15 program. I paid over $500 for all of these materials and am willing to sell at a competitive price. All are in excellent condition! Let me...
  7. T

    [buying] Kaplan online course

    hi, any fellow MCAT'ers out there looking to sell their online course once they are done with it? I have strong visual learning skills so looking in that direction. pls forward me yr email id :) if u r interested.thanx
  8. G

    BUYING: Berkeley Review MCAT 2017 Set

    I am looking to buy the full set of MCAT books by Berkeley Review. Looking for the latest edition of the book. Please PM if you have any.
  9. Piglet2020

    For Sale $50 Selling Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics Textbooks and MORE!

    Selling: CHEM271 4th Ed Custom Edition $50 Organic Chemistry 5th ed + Soln Manual $100, can throw in Orgo As a Second Language for $10 if you buy the whole package Experimental Organic Chemistry 5th ed $50 Genetics Textbook, conceptual approach (5th ed) + Soln manual $65 Biochemistry...
  10. mednovice12


    Selling The Berkley Review ($225 + SH): Biology Part I and II General Chemistry Part I and II Organic Chemistry Part I and II Physics Part I and II Kaplan 2015 ($50 + SH): Biology Biochemistry General Chemistry Organic Chemistry Physics and Math CARS Behavioral Sciences TPR Science Workbook...
  11. C

    For Sale AAMC Practice Exam 1 Authorization Code

    Pretty much the title. They sell for $35 online, I'll sell it for $25. Message me if you're interested.
  12. C

    For Sale Kaplan MCAT Material

    Hi all! I already took the MCAT and am looking to get rid of my study material. I have an MCAT Foundations of Biochemistry Self-Paced course (sold on Kaplan for $499) I also have the books from my in-person class (3rd edition), all the books that are untouched, besides the lesson book which...
  13. C

    Selling AAMC Practice Exam 1 Authorization Code

    Pretty much the title. They sell for $35 online, I'll sell for $25. Message me if you're interested.
  14. B

    Selling DAT Destroyer "Organic Chemistry Odyssey"

    Hey guys! I'm selling my "Organic Chemistry Odyssey" book by Dr. Jim Romano. I used it when I took the DAT last year and it really helped me on the organic chemistry section. The book is part of DAT Destroyer (which I also used) and it can really help you crush the Orgo section. The book's...
  15. M

    For Sale Selling Princeton Review Set, Kaplan Set, Next Step books, and Berkley-Good Condition

    I am willing the sell these sets at the BEST PRICE for you! These books have minimal to n0 markings or highlights. I can send pictures if needed :) 2015 MCAT Sets that I am selling: The Princeton Review Kaplan Book set Organic Chemistry-The Berkley Review Chemistry-The Berkley Review Next...
  16. crocketmeow

    For Sale Selling OAT Study Materials

    Selling the following materials individually. 1. OAT Secrets -- Mometrix 2. OAT Review Notes (Big Kaplan Book), OAT Lesson Book (Kaplan), and OAT, and Study Sheets There are pencil marks in the Kaplan books. External links: OAT Secrets Kaplan OAT Review Books/Sheets I also offer local...
  17. M

    MCAT Books for Sale!! Kaplan, Official Guide, Examcrackers

    Hi - just finished taking the new MCAT this summer and am looking to sell my books. I have Kaplan Biochemistry Review, Kaplan MCAT Flashcards (1,000), the AAMC Official Guide to the MCAT Exam with practice test questions, Exam Krackers 101 Passages in MCAT Verbal Reasoning, and the Princeton...
  18. S

    PNN and Prontopass Math

    I have the current version of PNN lecture book, quiz book and chart book for sell for $300 Prontopass Math cards for $75 (includes shipping)
  19. Terri Dactyl

    AATBS EPPP Materials (78th Series - 2015)

    Greetings! I'm selling the AATBS 78th Series (2015) 6-volume study materials, which includes a study guide; as well as the color-coded set of flashcards. The volumes are well-loved [highlighted with annotations throughout; so are a few chapters of flashcards]. I passed with flying colors using...
  20. cvalliere

    Selling OAT Destroyer and Kaplan Books

    OAT Destroyer 2016 O-Chem, Gen Chem, Bio, Quantitative reasoning OAT Destroyer 2016 Physics Kaplan Flashcards Big Kaplan Review Notes Book Shoot me a message! or email at [email protected]
  21. E

    RxPrep testbank

    Please is anyone selling the RxPrep testbank valid till October.....please private message me or send me an email on [email protected]
  22. BeerHelpsMeStudy

    Selling MCAT study resources

    Scored 512 (89%-ile) on new MCAT-2015, even scoring across sections... Selling: 1) Kaplan Complete 7-Book Subject Review for new MCAT - lightly used (may have some minor highlighting, underlining and pertinent notes in margin) -- message for price 2) ExamKrackers MCAT 101 Passages in MCAT...
  23. S

    For Sale DAT Destroyer + MATH Destroyer

    Hello! Both items were purchased 2 months ago. MATH Destroyer is brand new (never used). DAT Destroyer is lightly used 1/3 of the way with no markings. Since they are so unused I am asking for $150 + shipping (if far). The books will go to the person who replies the fastest, so let me know if...
  24. F

    Selling DAT destroyer and Math destroyer

    Just took the DATs and I have DAT destroyer and Math destroyer. THESE BOOKS HELPED ME GET A 24 Total SCIENCE! DON'T MISS OUT. Both have normal usage wear and are 2014 editions (material is all relevant! Just used it for a june 2016 test). None of the problems are solved in either book...
  25. S

    MCAT Kaplan Prep books

    I'm selling the entire set and will also give you the 2011-2012 Medical school admission requirements guidebook for free (AAMC). Here's the link of the post on ebay: You can call or text me at...
  26. Asclepius293

    Kaplan MCAT Resources (Course Workbook, 7 review books, + 1400 flashcards) for sale!

    Hey SDN family, Just got my MCAT scores back (did really well! :)) and am now looking to sell my review resources from the Kaplan course I took to study. This includes: -the most recent 7 book subject review (CARS, Physics and Math, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry...
  27. K

    Selling Dr. Collins! Ace dat PCAT :)

    Hey everyone! I just entered pharmacy school, so I won't be needing this PCAT review set anymore. The pages are in excellent condition! This is the 2014 PCAT study material, and coming in knowing pretty much nada, I ended up taking the PCAT just once on a whim after a month of reviewing. Some of...
  28. N

    Selling Dr. Collins

    Selling my 2015 Dr. Collins that includes quantitative, reading, essay, chemistry, verbal, and biology study guides with practice exams. Very good condition and no marks! This was an excellent guide for me and I'm in pharmacy school now. I purchased this at about $500. I'm selling it for $300...
  29. A

    selling Dat study material set

    Selling: 2013 Dat Destroyer/Math Destroyer Kaplan DAT 8E AP Biology 3E I used them for the 2015 DAT and did pretty well. MSG me if your interested.
  30. A

    Mcat study materials

    Wondering if anyone would be interested in oldet mcat material. Selling entire set of Kaplan study material. Copyright 2012. Msg for more info.
  31. S

    For Sale Selling PCAT material (Pearson Tests included for FREE!!)

    Hey guys! I am selling all my PCAT material. I took it earlier this year and got accepted to all the 7 schools I applied to, credit goes to the study material for helping me get a competitive score!! Materials used for studying the PCAT: 1. Dr. Collins 2. PCAT Destroyer 3. Pearson Practice...
  32. molarbear8895

    Anyone selling Crack DAT PAT?

    I'm desperately trying to save some money, if you are selling Crack the DAT PAT please let me know Thx!
  33. T

    MCAT Books For Sale: BR, EK, TPRH

    Books for sale: Berkeley Review (All are the newest 2015 editions) - BIO Part 1 and 2, CHEM Part 1 and 2, ORGO Part 1 and 2, PHYSICS Part 1 and 2 Examkrackers - BIO and VERBAL EK 1000's - CHEM, PHYSICS, ORGO The Princeton Review Hyperlearning Verbal Workbook Next Step PSYCH/SOC Practice...
  34. HDr

    For Sale 2015 ExamKrackers MCAT Unused.

    I am selling the 2015 MCAT ExamKrackers book set. I recently decided I am more interested in dentistry so this is why I am selling them. Price: $175 Email me if interested [email protected]
  35. M

    Selling a bunch of DAT prep!!!

    Selling: DAT destroyer (2014 version) Math Destroyer (2014 version) DAT kaplan 8th edition Preparing for your ACS examination in GC the official guide & organic chemistry ( BOTH BOOKS WERE VERY HELPFUL) organic chemistry as a second language 1st and 2nd edition (if you have very little...
  36. I

    Dr. Collins 2015/2016

    Hello, I'm selling my Dr. Collins january and july updated for $120 free priority two day shipping. Message me if interested to [email protected]
  37. N

    Selling DAT Materials! Great study package

    Hello all, My girlfriend finished her DAT and now I'm helping her get these books sold. Please let me know if you're interested, we're trying to get rid of them by the end of September. The package includes: 1. DAT Destroyer 2014 2. MATH Destroyer 2014 (water damage towards the bottom...