last 5 days of prep

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Mar 24, 2012
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my exam is on the 25th of june, next monday
and i just cant help it to stop thinking about the fact that after one year, im actually going to be done with all this chaos and terror,,,, despite my current preparation condition, and the fact that im terrified from the exam and the first 6 blocks..... i keep imagining my self during the 7th block, and telling my self during the exam that it'll all be over in less than an hour.. and counting questions down 46..45..44..43...1 toward the end of that block

i also keep thinking of what i want to do as soon as i leave the exam hall, in the street infront of the prometric center,
lay down on the floor and look at the sky? victory Cigar [i dont even smoke, but willing to try that out if needed :p ], listen to the fat lady sing??

no matter what the results are or how the performance goes during the test.. im celebrating the fact that i crossed the finish line after a long journey.

any ideas of something memorable to do?

i've been used to sitting on my desk and staring in that mirror infront of me so much that i think i'll wake up next day and go from bed to my desk without thinking about it... coz for the last three weeks its been exactly like [CHEMOTAXIS] towards it :p

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