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Feb 11, 2007
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Hey guys-

I want to be in or around the DC area for personal reasons and of the 2 DC programs I liked Georgetown best despite what I had heard on the interview trail and read online

Hopkins at #1 is a no-brainer but I'm not too confident that I'll match there

After that I'm left with a list of programs from Chicago to Baltimore ( I basically drew a line from Chi-Baltimore) that leaves me with some tough decisions at #2 and onwards

I'm looking for a fresh outlook on how much you guys think it would compromise my future Hem/Onc plans if I chose Gtown over such programs as UChicago/Northwestern/Case Western/UPitt/UMaryland (all of which I liked)

I didn't like George Washington too much and I was hoping that the presence of a NCI Cancer Center was reason enough that Gtown wasn't too much of a compromise

All things equal I know the order I'd rank so again I'm just looking for different perspectives on how close to equal these places are

All opinions appreciated!

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Mar 13, 2002
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if you want to go into academic heme/onc, U of C would definitely be your best choice. they have a top 10 cancer cancer with the research opportunities/faculty mentorship to go along with that. northwestern has a "growing" heme/onc department, which means that at the moment, it's not one of their strengths. U of C would be the better choice in my opinion if you're looking into the chicago area. i didn't interview at the other programs you listed, so can't help you there.
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