Nov 2, 2018
Hello Everyone!

LECOM-SH or Touro Nevada? Which is a better option? Based on what I already know, I have listed the pros and cons below. I would especially appreciate if any current students from either schools could give their take on this matter. I'm getting mixed reviews about the rotation sites at both schools, so I can't comment on that.

More established in terms of years (referring to LECOM as a whole)
PBL curriculum that I like
Closer to home
Matches well in PA and I would love to work there
Cheap tuition


Although close to Pittsburgh, still a bit of a rural area (could be a pro for some)
Personally hated the vibe
Students didn't seem happy there
Very strict rules in place

Touro Nevada
Nicer location that's close to Vegas
Students seem to be happier
Warmer weather

Matches well into west coast but not the east cost. (important for me)
It's basically a one building campus right now
Although this is subjective, LECOM seems to have a better match list


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Dec 28, 2014
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Damn I see so many LECOM-Random campus vs threads.
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