May 16, 2020
Hi! This is my first post on SDN but could really use some advice on this issue.
So I have a letter situation:
I attended CC and and a 4 year. Got a science LOR from a professor who taught me, and a science LOR from a prof I TAed for (never taught me a graded course).

I also got a LOR from a part time science prof (yes they have a PhD) at CC.

Assuming both letters are similar to quality should I go with the science LOR from CC you who taught me in a class or a science LOR from a 4 year who didn’t teach me (only TAed for).

Please give me any advice, anecdotes, etc.


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Jul 11, 2013
  1. Medical Student
CC vs 4 year doesn't matter for LOR unless we're talking about applying MD/PhD where a professor's name might carry weight in a certain field of study.

Most schools want science LORs from professors you have taken a class with, but it's also important that the letter writer knows you well. Go ahead and get both. Two of my science professor letters were CC professors, no issue.

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