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  1. T

    Committee Letter, but no Science LOR in TMDSAS

    Hi everyone! I'm really stressing out so I want some advice. I am receiving my committee letter from my undergrad institution which includes a letter clearinghouse. I will have the committee letter in addition to a Spanish professor (one of my minors in undergrad, very close to the teacher), my...
  2. IWishICouldPhysics

    Mediocre Letters - How Screwed Am I?

    Hey y'all! I had a situation recently where my sole science professor letter writer can no longer write my rec letter, so I've had to go with a last-minute backup professor. This professor doesn't know me nearly as well, but they're very kind and said they'd help me....it'll probably be...
  3. A

    What to do if an AMCAS letter writer sends a Letter of Evaluation directly to you instead of to AMCAS

    Good morning everyone! I am experiencing a dilemma. I have received all of my Letters of Evaluation except one individual letter, to the AMCAS application. Unfortunately, this letter-writer emailed me her letter directly, rather than sending the letter through the AMCAS Letter Writing Service...
  4. S

    Specializing after working as GP

    If I have been practicing as a GP for several years after dental school but decide that I want go back to specialize in endodontics, where / how would I get 3 letters of recommendation? I had no interest in specializing while in dental school, and so I never participated in research or built...
  5. S

    Writing my own LOR for a professor who doesn't know me

    I go to an extremely large public school and am having a hard time getting professors to agree to write a LOR. I reached out to a random professor I had, and surprisingly he said that he would be happy to edit/sign a draft that I write. I know that good letters are powerful, and that mediocre...
  6. G

    LOR without Letterhead

  7. D

    General App Questions

    Hi everyone, I'm getting ready to apply this coming cycle and want to be able to submit primaries as early as possible (I think 05/28). Just some questions that have popped up that I was hoping to get consensus on: 1. My school does a letter packet system. I know that with committee letters...
  8. boston_3

    Postbac Composite from HES vs. Undergrad Packet?

  9. chocolatepunkins

    LOR Advice CC vs 4-year

    Hi! This is my first post on SDN but could really use some advice on this issue. So I have a letter situation: I attended CC and and a 4 year. Got a science LOR from a professor who taught me, and a science LOR from a prof I TAed for (never taught me a graded course). I also got a LOR from a...
  10. GizmoDartboardScene

    Evaluators/LOR: have i goofed up?

    I am in a bit of a tricky situation and would like some advice. I already have 3 evaluators who I recently found out will write me excellent evaluations. However, I asked 2 additional evaluators just in case as back-up. Unfortunately, these 2 additional evaluators... I am not sure what kind of...
  11. O

    Professor Co-Signed Letter of Recommendation by TA

    Hi everyone, I recently asked my TA from a science course to write me a letter of recommendation for OptomCas, and my professor agreed to co-sign it (however, he has never done something like that before). Can anyone else who has done something like this before for their application share some...
  12. D

    Letter of Recommendation Advice Needed

    Hey all! I have a question about how to approach an issue I am having with getting a letter of recommendation from a dentist. I have shadowed a prestigious oral surgeon and respect him highly. I am very non confrontational so it was hard as is to ask him for a letter in the first place, but a...
  13. Z

    Do my Letters of Recommendation NEED to be from professors I had or can they be from anyone?

    Hey guys, I couldn’t exactly find the answer to this so here I am. Do my LORs need to be from professors who taught the courses that I took? Or can I have a professor who has never taught me before write me a letter of recommendation? Like a professor whose class I never took basically. Will...
  14. sealfriendo

    Non-Science PI Letter of Rec

    I am asking my Public Health PI for a letter of recommendation. Will this count as my nonscience letter of recommendation? Class title "Community Health Sciences 197."
  15. G

    LOR questions - science faculty and physician letter?

    1) My school doesn't have a neuroscience department, but my major has an emphasis in neuro that I took psychopharmacology and cognitive neuroscience for (both in the psych department). In terms of LOR, could these count as science faculty? I asked my pre-med advisor and he said it depends on the...
  16. V

    Letter of recommendation from volunteer coordinator

    I am volunteering in two university hospital volunteer programs and trying to get a letter of recommendation from the volunteer coordinator from either program. In program A, I worked directly with my supervisor(a manager) who has a high evaluation of me. She promised that she would write me...
  17. Z

    Is having a letter of recommendation from a priest frowned upon by adcoms?

    I was wondering if asking for a letter of recommendation from a priest I have grown close with would be frowned upon by adcoms. Much of my ECs have come from serving at my church in various activities for many years. I believe he could write me a strong letter of recommendation because of how...
  18. S

    High Stats, Very Sticky LOR Situation

    @LizzyM @gyngyn @Goro would also appreciate your feedback on my situation, thanks so much!
  19. S

    Secondary Portals are not receiving my LORs

    I am a reapplicant who interviewed for the waitlist last year and this cycle was determined to get my primary and secondaries out ASAP to improve my chances. I submitted my primary on the first day, and have been working through secondaries this week, and thought it was strange I wasn't...
  20. Dr.CinnamonRoll

    a LOR from a second cousin Dentist?

    So i'm finishing up my letters of rec, and I'm beginning re-evaluate whether or not I want to use second cousin's rec letter. I have over 70 shadowing hours with him, and he knows me best in terms of my personal growth and ambitions, so I thought "he has a different last name and lives in a...
  21. doglova

    Evaluation letter questions

  22. T

    Can you change which schools receive LoRs after submitting primary?

    Title says it all. Reading through the AMCAS handbook it seems pretty clear that you can add letters after submission, but can you change which schools you want letters sent to before your letters/application have been sent to schools? Thanks for any help.
  23. mikeknicksjets

    More than 6 letters in AACOMAS?

    So I messed up by thinking that AACOMAS has a max of 7 LoRs and not 6, but now I've reached the max with an additional person writing me a LoR. Has anyone had experience with sending extra letters directly to the schools? Could this possibly be detrimental to me in any way? I feel like this is...
  24. P

    Scholarship Recommendation Letter Help

    I asked a lab prof for a recommendation 3 weeks before the deadline. After the deadline, I gave her a thankyou letter. However, after emailing the scholarship committee, they mentioned how they never received an email from the prof. I feel betrayed; the prof even admitted to writing the letter...
  25. mikeknicksjets

    LoR from Lab Coordinator?

    Hey all, first-time poster here. I just recently to apply DO after months of going back and forth of whether I should (avg stats, ECs). Anyway, I'm in the process of gathering letters and was wondering if a LoR from my biochemistry lab coordinator would suffice as a science letter. He's not a TA...
  26. P

    fifth letter of recommendation?

    hey guys, I would like some advice on my letters of recommendation. So far I have.. 2 science professors General dentist Oral surgeon ER doctor I am not sure if I should pick between the oral surgeon and the ER doctor or try and submit all 5? I have worked for the oral surgeon for over a...
  27. goldchallenge


  28. 1

    opinion on letter of recommendation from a pastor/clergy...?

    Can anyone share their opinion on getting a letter of rec from a pastor? I am thinking about getting one from him as my volunteer/community service manager, since I volunteered at the church and was deeply involved in its charity activities (and held high leadership position for years during my...
  29. H

    Mailing Letter of Rec

    Hi, so I am currently trying to get a committee letter as an alumnus from a school I already graduated from, which means that the prehealth office there is going to handle my file and recs for applications. However, I am also trying to get a letter of recommendation from my lab professor at a...
  30. D

    LOR Trouble

    I submitted AACOMAS the other day and I listed my letter evaluators. If one decides to ghost me since I haven't heard back from her i'm under the impression I cannot remove the evaluator from my application. How should I proceed if that's the case? Do I call the school and explain that they will...
  31. squirrelnutkin

    Thought on Letters of Recommendation from Interns/Residents?

    Hi everyone, First time post. I was just wondering if any of you had any thoughts on getting a letter of recommendation for the VMCAS from a veterinary intern or a surgical resident, or if any of you had done this in the past when applying. I work at a fairly large equine practice as a...
  32. T

    Applying to Schools where Letter of Rec. Requirements are not met

    Hello, I have submitted my primary AMCAS application and have received a secondary application from every school that I choose to apply to. There are a few schools were I do not meet their letter of recommendation requirements(I only have one science professor of the two that they require). I...
  33. N

    AMCAS Resubmission Turnover Time

    A physician I know just offered to give me a letter of recommendation, but the priority deadline for the SOMs I'm applying to is Nov 1st, just a few days from now. So in order to add this new letter of recommendation to my AMCAS, I need to resubmit it. How long does it take for AMCAS to review a...
  34. predental808

    Letter of Recs for Columbia - how strict?

    I am looking at the LOR requirements for Columbia and it says 3 science professors and 1 of your choice. I already have 4 letters submitted on my AADSAS and wanted to get a few opinions on if the following letters would satisfy the requirement or if anyone knows how strict Columbia is. I...
  35. M

    Letter without signature

    Hi all, I just received an email that one of my letters is missing signature. The professor called AADSAS if he could edit the letter, but they said it is already verified and submitted, so he can't. Has anyone gone through similar situation like me? Any inputs? Thanks!
  36. E

    letter of evaluations and addsas

    So i am about to finish my bachelors degree in biology in less than 2 weeks. However with that being said before i apply to dental program ( NOVA) i plan on taking a Gap year to enhance my resume and get service hours. QUESTION: I am unfamiliar with the AADSAS application site and was...
  37. hpb_doc

    Do recommendation Letters

  38. ArtMajor

    Weird letter situation

    so I have a letter packet (containing 4 letters) which I am sending to all of the 20 schools that I am applying to. However I just received an additional letter I was not initially expecting. It's from a clinical work supervisor and I think it will be really strong. I'm thinking of sending...
  39. dwarfplanet

    Application Help: Letter of Recommendation

    Amcas requires the letter author's address in the application. Is this their home address? Or their office? I'm assuming it means their home address but I want to be sure, and I can't find an answer in the help manual.
  40. rasaini

    Individual letters and committee letter

    Hi everyone. I am planning on submitting my ADEA AADSAS application but I am really confused what I should fill in the evaluation section? Should I request a committee letter or individual letters? In case I want to send both what should I do? Because my committee letter will reach schools very...