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Jul 31, 2007
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I know there are a ton of loupes threads on this website, but I wanted some input from some HPSP and currenly practicing military people (I'm a 4 year HPSP D2). Two questions:

1. Has anyone bought loupes and been reembursed by the military? Were the loupes required for your school? If not, what did you send in to get reembursed (letter from dean or professor, etc)?

2. Does anyone have a strong opinion about what magnification to get or any of the big three brands (Orascoptic, Surgitel, DFV) to go with or stay away from? I've read a lot of threads where people are strongly suggesting to stay away from 2.5x and go to 3.5x mag. Just wondering about your experiences and ideas. Thanks.

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I had my loupes paid for but needed a letter from the dean saying they were required by the school.

I went with the 2.5x but a few people got 3.5x they will just take a little more getting used to. 3.5x is nicer for looking for canals during molar endo, but the best for endo is a wall mounted scope 3-10x.

For general restorative, personally, I'm fine with 2.5x.

The most important thing for loupes is comfort. Everyone who I know that has Zeiss loupes love them, they are a little heavier, but they are nice and bright. More expensive too, but not an issue if the military is paying for them.
I had the army pay for my $950 Oakley loupes HAHAHA