1. Lugh

    What to look forward to in (insert specialty here)

    Hi, I want to hear why people chose their specialty and at what moment did they realize they picked the right career.
  2. KatsuCurry

    Best Medical Schools to find a wife?

    Look I'm excited to learn the basic sciences and do research at med school, but I'm also trying to find a wife (perhaps more important). What schools have good dating cultures and a lot of intermingling? I've heard good things about Wake Forst, USF, any others?
  3. A

    Leaving DPT to pursue Masters?

    Hey everyone, So I know that this topic has been covered in some form or fashion hundreds of times, but perhaps I am adding a new spin on it. I am currently a first-year student (second semester) DPT student. To get straight to the point, I am considering leaving DPT to pursue a master's in...
  4. doctorsdoctor

    Love & Residency Problems

    Hi. Im 27 y.o filipino doctor, single, and yes as the title goes: in love with a french chef. I have been for one year shopping and trying out residencies in philippines (radiology, obgyne, surgery, dermatology). My big problem is: if my bf cant go to the Philippines and live with me and start...
  5. L

    Best supplement stack for interviews?

    This post is for research perhaps only, perhaps on a mouse model. What supplements would you recommend before interviews? Some caffeine, l-theanine potentially ephedrine could be a calm sharpness, but we want to get the absolute most out of our mice. Modafinil or 2-FA combined with etizolam is...
  6. L

    Research: What's the best supplement stack for interviews?

    Oops. Delete please
  7. futuredrummerdoctor

    Seriously, you got this, and here's why

    Guys. Please be careful when using the Internet. It's a great source of motivation and an AMAZING resource for so many parts of the pre-med journey (seriously wouldn't have gotten far without SDN), but please do not compare yourselves to others. I just wanted to drop by to say that YOU CAN DO...
  8. AlphaBeta<3

    Physical Therapists in New York?

    You should totally come give me a massage. Not for money or anything, but it'll be great practice. For life. And stuff.
  9. Fixmybreak

    Let's Discuss Fibroid Healing Procedures

    Hi To began, this fibroid epidemic appears to be directed at certain populations of women. I have never seen so much harvesting of women uterus. This is absolute disgustion. As a national I am appalled. Our students are not being inventive or ingenius. This will change. Fibroid that are...
  10. J

    Please Participate in Research on Closeness in Relationships -- win $100 gift card!

    I am writing to invite you to participate in my IRB-approved study (Einstein #2015-5609) investigating how relationship satisfaction relates to feelings of closeness in certain experiences that mark life as a couple. Closeness is a very important aspect of relationships, yet there is still much...
  11. D

    does anyone know of any indian females in residency looking for arranged marriage?

    Guys I know this is kind of strange, but I have a friend whose son is starting his first year of fellowship in GI who is looking for an arranged marriage. He's within driving distance of Chicago. She told me that any caste (?) system is ok. I think her son is around my age 28-29 and they are...