Jul 14, 2020
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I am a current sophomore and I have a low GPA. After this semester I will have a 2.9 ish and 2.6 sGPA?

Bio 1-C
bio 2- C
Calc 1- C
Gen chem 1- D
Chem 1 retake -C
Chem 2- B+
Chem 1 Lab- B
Genetics- B
Physics- A
Physics Lab- A
Ochem- B-
Bio lab 1- A-
Bio lab 2- A

Then As and Bs for humanities but all As for english

I have a good amount of volunteering hours and extracurriculars.
I was wondering ow my chances even stand for DO or MD?
I can get my GPA to 3.1 after my sophomore year ends next spring semester and my sGPA to around a 3.1-3.2 after junior year. I was wondering what I should do? im half hispanic if that's of any use. I did terrible last year (freshman year) and a trying to pick it up.
Any options on what to do? I do want to go to a DO school but I am afraid that im not good enough.
Aug 1, 2020
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It's hard to project acceptance chances with in your situation because sophomore year is still early. Sure it would have been better if you got 4.0s, but that doesn't mean you lost opportunities for MD or DO yet. I had similar grades in my first two years. You should re-take science classes of C or below at your state school or a CC, maybe over the summers between college years. Or you can save them for post-bacc. Do whatever is most cost-effective, but avoid taking them online. And avoid CC if you want to gun for MD. You can raise your sGPA by taking "easy" science courses that are not A&P or immunology because those are unforgiving at college level (I took ecology and research statistics for example and these count towards sGPA).


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Dec 7, 2017
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You still have two years of college left.

Work on:

- doing great from here on out
- taking a gap year (if necessary) to prep for the MCAT.
- doing great from here on out
- If you are able to stabilize your performance with respect to your grades (you should honestly be shooting for straight A's with an occasional B not being a death sentence) than you should make sure to establish and maintain clinical experiences and volunteering.
- doing great from here on out

As a side note, I was accepted to two DO schools this cycle with under a 3.0 cGPA. However I had two years of upper level sciences at almost a 4.0. So you are not out of the running yet. However you should put your attention and focus on DOING GREAT FROM HERE ON OUT.

Good luck!
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Apr 25, 2019
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How do those numbers work out chronologically? If most of those C and D's are in your first year and most of the B and A's in your second year, you could be surging in the right direction. If so, make sure to keep it at a high level. You won't get a 3.9 but if you can get it up to the mid 3s and let the MCAT wash away your academic sins, you will be competitive!

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