Low Science GPA and SMP

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Apr 25, 2016
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Hey everyone I need your honest opinion.

I just did a spreadsheet that was provided online to calculate all my GPAs for dental school and my stats look like:
oGPA: 3.190
sGPA: 2.667 (w/o BCP) 2.899 (w/ BCP)
BCP: 3.305
Non-Science: 3.621

What do you think my odds are with this low science GPA? I started off school with a very strong GPA, above a 3.5 in all categories, but due to personal issues my GPA fell drastically and I had to retake about three classes. I figured everything out and think I can do well in a masters program.

I take the DAT in a month but my practice scores are AA: 23-25 and PAT: 25.

With my low GPA do you think I have a chance if I do well in my SMP?

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