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  1. P

    What are my chances? 3.4 cgpa 3.4 sgpa 514 MCAT

    - 3.4 cumulative GPA, 3.4 science GPA (strong upward trend w/ mostly A's and B's freshman year; As, a lot of Bs, 3 C+ during sophomore year--my worst year; mostly As, 3 Bs, one C junior year (anomaly--hard, miscellaneous class about freshwater plant life that I regret taking); straight A's...
  2. A

    Philosophy major. Messed up big time, what are my chances?

    Hi there!. I'm a student at UCF with a goal of now pursuing a D.O because i believe an M.D would be unrealistic at this point. Here's my statistics. I'm a philosophy major with a biology minor. Statistics: Philosophy major : 35 credit hours left Biology minor : 17 credit hours left I started...
  3. S

    What MCAT score and should I retake a few classes?

    I am a premed sophomore and I plan on taking the MCAT next year. My current GPA including sGPA is 3.891. I went to a community college for two years before I moved and was not premed but my GPA there is significantly lower ~3.0. Is it worth retaking a few prerec classes (psych etc) online to...
  4. L

    Another one of those annoying questions about GPA

    So freshmen year, my gpa was dog-****(3.0). However, the last 45 hours, my gpa is a 3.85. The cumulative being still weak af sitting at a 3.42. Yes, I am aware that up-ward trends may be noticed and taken into consideration, but my question is to what extent? Would a 3.6 that was brought up from...
  5. C

    Should I even bother taking the DAT?

    I'm turning 27 in December. A lot has happened over the course of the last 10 years- 3 of them were spent on a full-time service mission, I got married, had a baby, and our son later passed away. So needless to say, I've been in and out of school for a while. I'm currently a junior (undergrad)...
  6. Kahalaopuna

    Can post-bacc performance mitigate the influence of the worst of undergrad GPA trends?

    While I am able to find plenty of threads that touch on the significance of common poor gpa trends (i.e. steady downward trend, v-shaped trend, and bell shaped trend) in light of post-bacc performance, I have been unable to locate a thread that specifically highlights the trends I have. I've...
  7. M

    DIY Postbac advice

    Hi SDN, This is my first post here, so sorry if this is the wrong forum. I am a recent graduate from a Top 40 university, currently taking a year off before I apply next cycle. I have taken all my pre-reqs, however I didn't do so well, since I graduated with a 3.29 cgpa and a 3.1 sgpa. My gpa...
  8. F

    GPA repair

    Hey everyone. So I just graduated with a degree in Public Health, and when all is said and done I'll probably finish with around a 3.1 cumulative. I have a serious upward trend and was Dean's List for my last two years of college. I am already planning to take off at least 2 years to take all of...
  9. L

    Friend scored a 526 on the MCAT but has a 60% GPA. Will he get accepted somewhere?

    I received a 525 and have a uGPA of 3.89 and have multiple offers. My friend who has no intention of applying for medicine bet me ( as a joke ) he can score high enough on the MCAT and get still accepted to a refutable school with his low GPA. He is claiming that he has interviews from schools...
  10. lioness413

    Taking Non-Degree Online Courses for GPA boost

    Hey everyone. I just graduated this spring and I'm applying for vet school right now but I'm not thrilled with my GPA (3.34) so I'm worried I won't get in my first time. I've heard about people taking community college courses to boost their GPAs post-graduation but the community colleges near...
  11. H

    Help please

    So I finished my first year of college and it was a sh*tshow. I have a cumulative 2.77 due to the biomedical engineering major I tried to pursue (meaning harder chemistry calc based, and harder physics) and I completely screwed myself I suppose. I got C+ when they should've been B's in the...
  12. B

    MD & DO Question About GPA Autoscreening

    Hi All, From observing both MSAR data and general trends on here, I've noticed that there tends to be a pretty low disparity between cGPA and sGPA. I know that many schools have cutoff GPAs and will autoscreen applicants who fall below their minimum threshold. I was wondering if this applies to...
  13. P

    General Admissions & OTCAS Is there any chance for me? Or should I find a different career.

    Hello Everyone! I am currently wanting to apply to OT school and I have everything I need but my GPA isn't good and my GRE score is below minimum. I have my bachelors in Psychology. GPA: 2.4 GRE:280 I have taken the GRE twice and only went up 2 points. I took a course and got extra help for it...
  14. Maaricka

    Schools grouped by similarities

    Can we start a thread where we talk about school similarities? For example, what schools will applicants with a low gpa have a better shot at? Or which schools cater to in-state residents? Maybe schools that have the highest match numbers? I hope this becomes a helpful thread!
  15. K

    Freshman gpa 3.1 (got 2 C's)

    So, I am a freshman and my freshman year gpa is 3.17 (due to 2 C's) I had a hard time adapting to the college environment, not because of party or anything. more because of trying to figure out how to study. And because I had to take care of my family for most of the time and research took a lot...
  16. W

    Pre-med GPA troubles?

    Hello, I am currently finishing my freshman year as a pre-med and I have not performed as well as i had hoped. I am looking to finish with a 2.7 GPA, with a C- in chemistry and a D+ in calculus, which i am planning to retake. First semester i had a b- in chem 1 and a b- in bio 1. I was not...
  17. S

    Advice on Applying to Schools in Canada and Possibly US schools

    Hi, thanks to anyone who takes the time to give me any advice. I'm currently a 3rd year neuroscience student and I'm just trying to set up realistic expectations for myself for applying for medical school. (Apologies for the longish post) I haven't done as well as I would have liked to with GPA...
  18. Cheezy89


    In these videos I share how I was able to get my application reviewed even with a low GPA, get an interview and finally prepare for my first week of class. Besides going to PT school I spend my days helping prePT students, especially people with low GPA like I was. You have any questions, shoot...
  19. U

    Need help deciding Post-Bacc or Masters

  20. D

    Increasing cGPA and sGPA help

    I have a pretty low cGPA right now (alittle over 3.0) and probably an even lower sGPA (I'm not too sure). I know I don't have a chance at med school (DO or MD) at this rate. What's a good way to increase sGPA and cGPA? I still have 1.5 years of undergrad left and want to increase both GPAs as...
  21. moxymed


  22. jpaulmakeyafall

    Please help. Not sure if I started off too poorly. Need advice!

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some advice. I knew I wanted to be a physician for a while, and I go to the 4th best community college in the country and they still have terrible health advisors that never told me how important A's and GPA were to getting into med school. Ive done some research and...
  23. jpaulmakeyafall

    Is this a bad start? Please help. Need advice!

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some advice. I knew I wanted to be a physician for a while, and I go to the 4th best community college in the country and they still have terrible health advisors that never told me how important A's and GPA were to getting into med school. Ive done some research and...
  24. K

    Retaking Classes?

    Hello everyone! I am finishing my undergraduate education and will be taking a year (maybe two) off before I apply to graduate school. I did bad in my classes my first year of college getting roughly six Cs. Since then, I have done really well. I have gotten almost all As in my Bio upper divs...
  25. S

    low gpa, potentially high MCAT, probability of acceptance?

    Hello everyone, So I am planning to take my mcat this april and have taken a few practice tests scoring above a 508 each time and have been getting better each time. I have volunteered with various societies in cancer research, have about 2 years of lab experience, can speak 3 languages...
  26. C

    What else can I do? GPA Predicament

    I graduated a year ago from a four-year university but didn't so well GPA-wise. I was unsure of what career path at the time and didn't really have a clear sense of direction. For the past year I've been retaking my pre-requisites for PT school at a local community college but I don't feel as if...
  27. M

    Chances for 2017 PA cycle?

    I currently work as a researcher in a prestigious orthopaedic sports medicine clinic. I work with PRP and BMC injections. I'm more on the research side (stem cell research), but now have started interacting with patients via shadowing and injection outcomes. I have a published abstract at ORS...
  28. disflore

    How to Retake classes to improve GPA for PA school?

    I'm a recent graduate from a UC in Human Biology, prior to that I was a transfer student from a CC. I'm planning on applying to PA school in the future. My degree included all the prereqs I needed for PA school so I don't need to take new classes, however I would like to improve my undergrad &...
  29. W

    I'm a Canadian that wants to study in the US

    Hi there, I'm from Canada and I'll be finishing my senior year of HS fairly soon. I was thinking of finishing my undergrad here, in Canada, and then going to a US medical school because I've heard Canadian medical schools are ultra competitive and getting in is very hard (for example, applying...
  30. M

    Chances ??

    Hi everyone, I recently had a rough semester and unfortunately got a C in physics I. As of now my cGPA is a 3.42 and sGPA is 3.0 I still have 3 semesters left in which I plan on raising my GPA to a 3.51/3.45 respectively with upper level bio courses and research credit. I also do have good extra...
  31. S

    MD Chances after a terrible semester?

    Hey guys, I'm a UVA 2nd year biomedical engineering student who just went through a terrible semester GPA wise. Last year, I had a 3.89 with 36 credits, but this semester with 17, i got a 3.02!! I had TWO Cs, in Physics (E & M) and a coding class, and A-s in the rest. Now, I absolutely know...
  32. E

    sophomore gpa question

    I got a 4.0 (mix of A's and A+'s) first semester of freshman year, a 3.471 (B+'s and A's) second semester, and a 3.33 (B+) in the summer for a final cumulative gpa of 3.688 my first year of college. In my first semester of sophomore year, I'll end up with a C+ in bio 2 (A- in lab), a B in ochem...
  33. chemicalx

    MD & DO Low GPA Thread

    I'm graduating in May with a BA in political science and a 2.0 gpa. My college career has been anything but typical. I'm a first generation college student with no familial support, I was in an abusive relationship, and sexually assaulted. All of those things affected my gpa which was in an...
  34. VivreSansPeur

    Autónoma de Guadalajara

    I graduated high school with a 1.7 GPA and wanted to know what my chances were of being accepted into the national program from UAG's medical school. I know they ask for a 3.0 and accept lower, but how low is too low? I was honors and AP throughout most of highschool so I'm not sure if they'll...
  35. NeuroAF

    Special Masters Program Wisdom

    Hello SDN! I am a college senior planning on taking a gap year (or two) before entering medical school. I had been hoping to spend my gap year (or first year gap year) gaining clinical experience by working as a scribe, however I recently met with a pre-health advisor who told me the only I...
  36. C

    Did horrible in my pre-calc class?

    So, being stupid and a freshman in college with a weak math background I decided to take pre-calc in the summer as a 6 week course and ended up getting a D- in the class. I am obviously going to retake it, and my school has a policy on replacing your grade with whatever new grade you receive...
  37. M

    Low gpa, decided to do dental hygiene first? Need some advice!

    Hey guys. I graduated with my bachelor of science degree, and my GPA was at around 2.8. I know I wasn't really focusing on my school at that time.. and I regret it. I thought my gpa was too weak to apply for any dental school (didn't even think about taking DAT either because of my gpa) so I...
  38. B

    NC State [NCSU] Masters of Physiology 2017

    I'm applying to the MR of Physiology program at NCSU in Fall of 2017. If you were accepted, what were your stats like? What's is the lowest uGPA that you've heard was accepted?
  39. rosyrisu

    MD & DO Does retaking lower level science courses to boost GPA look bad on transcripts?

    I love science and I find myself understanding the material clearly, but my science GPA in college is pretty bad. Here's how: In my 1st semester of freshmen year I took nursing courses (I've always wanted to become a physician, I went into nursing because I got accepted immediately into my...
  40. I

    Help figuring out my journey into medical school

    Hi guys, I have recently graduated in Winter 2015 from UCLA with Biology BS degree, however, I have a low GPA of 3.146 cumulative and 2.817 science. (I have one C- in Biochemistry so I may have to retake the course at a community college as some master's programs do not accept C-). I have great...