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Apr 16, 2014
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Hey everyone. Does a non-trad with a sub-3.0 GPA have a better chance at MD or PA school? I know my chances are low at both, and I know MD schools are generally more competitive. However, I have noticed most PA schools have a hard cut-off GPA of 3.0, but MD schools do not. I have had significant life and leadership experience in business at a company with over 150 billion dollars in revenue. I have been promoted multiple times and been the lead of 10+ people managing projects worth over 100 million dollars. I hope to go to back to school to complete the remaining pre-reqs (4-6) and study hard for the MCAT or GRE. Assuming I do well in the pre-reqs and admissions test, which would I have a better shot at? The PA school 3.0 cutoff scares me. Thanks!

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