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Feb 3, 2017
I'm considering a master's in Pathology before med school. I'm not far enough along to know what kind of applicant I'll be for med school so that's not really a significant reason to why Im considering it.
I figure that since I have to take 1 gap year anyways in my current timeline I could just take a second year an get a master's. I'm quite interested in Pathology as a field and I think it's pretty likely I'd enjoy the coursework.

The program at my school is taught at the associated med school but they don't make us apply to the med school to take the master's program. The opportunity to work with the teachers of my first choice med school and build those connections early on seems too good to pass up on.
As for money, I'm garenteed no loans for undergrad so even if I do have to get some for grad it's not too big a deal to me. I'll will also have living arrangements in the area ready by that point.
I spoke extensively to the program director and my academic advisor and they assure me that the overlap between the master's isn't significant T enough for the MA to be waste. But the real question is whether or not the degree will "pay for itself."

Will I be that much better at my job and will I have an easier time finding a job I want?

Will the additional lab experience benefit me in residency or med school itself?

Could I even fall back on my masters if med school didn't work out immediately?

Will one year of master's level classes before applications matter for mcats and interviews?

These are the sorts of things my advisor didn't really answer so I was hoping someone could provide some extra insight.

And sorry for the length this turned out being way longer than I was expecting.
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Oct 27, 2015
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Could keep your bio fresh for med school. I'm nearly through my second gap year and i can barely describe what a prokaryote is
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