1. A

    Does is matter when I take A&P?

    I’m transferring and want to take my schools Morphology and Function Honors classes, because I feel they will look better. Currently, I’m going into my Junior year. I have to take O Chem 2 this semester before I can sign up for them. This means I can take A&P1 in the spring and A&P 2 next Fall...
  2. CaliforniaDream2026

    3 days to anat

    Hello, My anat exam (remedial) is in 3 days, I've been studying non-stop for a long time with Netter's flashcards, Gilroy and my notes and I still feel I know nothing. I study with Pomodoro from 8am to 11pm. I keep failing all the mock tests I do. Any tips? I fear Anki is too late now but I have...
  3. H

    Having to drop a class I included in an update letter

    Hey guys! I recently sent an update letter to some of the schools I applied to and included my class schedule for this final semester (among more substantial updates). Unfortunately, due to a staffing issue my section of anatomy is no longer being offered and I have to drop the course. Is this...
  4. S

    Anatomy panic

    Anatomy started today and I already feel overwhelmed. What’s the best most efficient way to do this? How do I choose an Anki deck? Have some decent school made ones by someone a few years older than me that like up well with lectures. I’ve seen UMich, Dope, etc but don’t know if I should focus...
  5. M

    Tulane MS Physiology

    I was recently accepted into the MS physiology program at Tulane, however I can't find any information from alumni online. I was wondering if any alumni or friends of alumni could speak to what the program is like, how to succeed in the program, and how it compares to the MS program of anatomy...
  6. SharecareAlex

    Free (Giving away) Sharecare YOU - medically-accurate software with a free demo

    Hi, We are the development team of a just-released, medically-accurate software application with 3D, living, breathing organs that you can explore, dissect and in some cases, even fly through. We would like you to try our free demo version that is a sneak peek at the full version of Sharecare...
  7. SharecareAlex

    Test Tools Sharecare YOU - medically-accurate software with a free demo

    Hi, We are the development team of a just-released, medically-accurate software application with 3D, living, breathing organs that you can explore, dissect and in some cases, even fly through. We would like you to try our free demo version that is a sneak peek at the full version of Sharecare...
  8. M

    Pre-Medical-MD, Anatomy Help.

    Hay guys, I hope you are well. I need some serious advice, links, suggestions..etc for the anatomical landmarks of the different vertebrae. I am requesting any sort of ACCURATE table of the layout to ease the study of all the different important anatomical landmarks that occur in the transverse...
  9. C

    UNE vs SCUHS Online Human Anatomy??

    Hi everyone, I need to complete the human anatomy pre-req for the school I am applying to before the end of June. I have not been able to find much information regarding the online human anatomy course offered through UNE (University of New England) and SCUHS (Southern California University of...
  10. 6

    Tips for remembering thoracic surface anatomy

    Hi all, I am currently struggling to try to remember the surface anatomy of the thorax (and abdominal soon in the future). Is there any mnemonics that aid in memorizing them? Thanks in advance!
  11. A

    CJD fears from anatomy lab

    We were viewing cadavers and wet specimens including brain tissue. A used glove (touched the cadaver and specimens) was inside out and I went to put it on. My hands have eczema and I got scared that I could contract CJD from the used glove. I washed my hands after and told my professor. She said...
  12. futureortho14

    Anatomy Course

    During my undergrad (which was out of state), only physiology was required, so I never took Anatomy. Unfortunately, all of the schools around me only offer A&P 1 and 2. Long story short, having emailed a few schools, they told me that I need to take both parts of A&P in order to fulfill the...
  13. meowhello

    Is Chemistry and Physics harder than Biology? How can I prepare?

    I completed my Freshman year with all A's in my Biology courses: Intro to Biology, Anatomy & Physiology 1/2 and Microbiology so I'm thinking about skipping the introduction classes to Chem and Physics and jump right in to Gen Chem and Phys 1 Sophomore year (this fall).
  14. knock0ut

    Why is right IJV larger than left?

    Got this pimp question .... any help?
  15. Akam ahz

    What is the fundus of the tooth socket?

    Hello, my question might be trivial, but I don't seem to know which part of the tooth socket is its fundus? My Oral Histology book uses it a lot. I tried googling it, but still I have no clear idea. Any ideas?
  16. Friendly MichaelMyers

    Anatomy preparation

    Hello. I heard from med school students that preparing for anatomy ahead of the class makes the class easier. I have never taken anatomy and I am wondering how I could best prepare for it. I decided to memorize as much as I can from the atlas. I looked at the atlas and then closed the book. I...
  17. arebart

    Anatomy Prep Course

    Hey all! I was accepted to Texas A&M :soexcited: and recently discovered that they offer an Anatomy Workshop over the summer for accepted vet students. Having taken ZERO anatomy classes during my undergraduate career, my hunch is that I would be silly NOT to take advantage of this opportunity...
  18. ajs513

    Virtual reality anatomy

    Does anyone have experience with VR anatomy programs? I know some schools (VMCVM, TAMU) have VR programs either in the works or available for students to use, but does anyone know of any for students to use at home? I’ve seen JetsonVR but don’t want to buy it without hearing people’s thoughts on...
  19. Clint Westwood

    MD What are the Best USMLE Prep books and MSY1 Materials to have?

    What are the best USMLE prep books and books/study materials to have before starting MSY1?
  20. MyCherie

    OB/Gyn + anatomy terminology question: “uterine opening vs cervix”

    Hello, I’ve come across a small discussion in which someone used the term “uterine opening” in an educational post online re: checking cervical dilation, and I noticed 3 people “correct” them to say “cervix” instead. My question: is cervix more correct than uterine opening? In my opinion, If...
  21. chemdoctor

    Will adcoms view this negatively?

    I'm taking 12 credits at my four year institution, but my school won't let me take some 2000 level courses that I want to take (science courses) So, I'm taking them at a local CC. I can't take the upper division electives of these courses at my four year institution, and need this so I don't...
  22. alphinerpoke

    PCAT Anatomy

    Hey guys, I'm taking the PCAT in February and was wondering if there would be any specific naming of anatomical parts? For example: A diagram points to the arm of a human figure, and the correct answer is the bicep? If it's not on the test, would it still be useful to know these anatomical...
  23. S

    Gross Anatomy Labs as an undergraduate?

    Currently, my school has a collaboration where undergraduate students can work alongside the medical students during gross anatomy labs. Personally, I was wondering the relevance this could have on the application process and whether it would help bolster my app if I do around 50-100 hours...
  24. Piglet2020

    Trying my best as MS1 at Graded Med School - How to improve?

    Hello everyone, I’m an MS1 and just finished my first med school block (anatomy) with a B. Average was a 85 but I’m slightly below the average. I dont know if I’m doing well enough for the specialty I may be interested in (internal med, radiology, anesthesiology, opthamology). I know not...
  25. B

    Recommended books to read for specific topics in Anatomy, Biochemistry and Physiology

    I’m a first year student.
  26. T

    MD Anatomy lab emotions...

    I'm getting really worked up over anatomy lab. I am afraid that I am poorly prepared (mentally) to look at my cadaver's face this week - we are supposed to be skinning the face and then removing the brain, two things that I am really not looking forward to. I have been having nightmares and...
  27. Piglet2020

    M1 Super Tired & Stressed, Dreading First Anat Exam

    Hey everyone, MS1 here and started class two weeks ago. I dont think anything could have prepared me for the sheer amount of material in med school... I’m studying 6 hrs a day after lecture & lab and still feel I’m missing information. I dont have time for myself other than to eat, sleep...
  28. Anatomy Amy Yoga

    Using Yoga to Learn Anatomy

    Hey Pre-Meds! My partner is a 3rd year med student and I am a yoga instructor. I'm putting together free video series and paid online courses to teach anatomy through yoga. The first series and course is on Anatomical Terms. I would love any feedback from the SDN community. Since I'm new here...
  29. M

    Finding night/weekend classes in Hawaii

    Hey all! I currently live in Hawaii and am heavily interested in applying to the Army-Baylor DPT program. This program requires that all labs be taken in-person. I work full time and I'm three pre-requisites behind (Anatomy, Physiology, and Biology). I have scoured the interwebs and cannot...
  30. C

    Must read books for MSK/Anatomy as a PM&R Resident

    Hey everyone, Current PM&R resident--I have been searching the forums for an updated guide to what some good books/resources are to better understand MSK and accompanying anatomy. Would greatly appreciate some suggestions/advice, thanks in advance!
  31. DentalRose

    NBDE part 1 ANATOMY resource question

    Hello all! I'm taking the NBDE part 1 soon, and I've learned that Anatomy is my weakest section. I've gone through First Aid, the NBDE mastery app, and some old tests. I don't have the $ for dental decks. I am wondering whether anyone has any good resources that goes over the Anatomy section...
  32. G

    Suggestions on book of anatomy?

    any suggestions on anatomy book other than Gray’s anatomy? What i’ve found is Nettler’s head and neck, Thieme, ... are these good? Or any recommendations?
  33. Y

    UMKC Prerequisite Section on AADSAS

    To anyone who has filled out the UMKC Prerequisite courses on the AADSAS app, what did you guys do when they asked for each class and lab separately if you had courses that had lab joined with them? For example, they're asking for Anatomy, then Anatomy Lab separately. I took Anatomy w/ Lab...
  34. thehopefulvet

    Recommendations for small animal anatomy/physiology books and resources?

    I'm taking human anatomy & physiology in my undergrad but in my current shadowing position at a veterinary surgical clinic I feel I would appreciate surgical procedures better if I had a more thorough understanding of, in my case, canine and feline anatomy and some basic physiology. I have been...
  35. A

    Portal venous system

    I know that without the portal venous system the substances would travel to the heart and be dispersed around the body, but are there any disadvantages to this system? Thanks :happy:
  36. C

    Free trial and coupon for USMLE AND MCAT, at "Royal15" 15% off

    Free trial and coupon for USMLE AND MCAT, at "Royal15" 15% off
  37. MyCherie

    Anatomy question: "right anterior left superior" pulmonary artery & mainstem bronchi relationship

    Hi, I'm just curious if anyone, particularly those who have seen an attached lung within the thorax, can tell me whether this pearl holds true along the entire length of the mainstem bronchus, or if it only applies to the point at which the two structures enter the lung. My curiosity was piqued...
  38. E

    Anatomy/Physiology on OAT?

    Hi everyone, I'm planning to take the OAT in the spring or summer of next year and was wondering, how much anatomy and/or physiology is on the OAT? Human Physiology is one of the hardest biology courses at my school, so I was wondering if it's worth it to try and take that class or if I will be...
  39. M

    Anatomy Prep Question

    I'm looking into getting an Anatomy book to supplement my studies as an M1. I've heard great things about Netters. I see that the 6th edition is widely available and it seems there is a 7th edition on the way, if not already available. Does it make a difference to have the most recent edition...
  40. StrongBeliever

    I'm confused by the term 'Overlie' ...

    So... the floor of the ventricle has a median eminence which consist of facial colliculus. The image below says, the facial colliculus overlies the nucleus of Abducent n... so does that mean the facial colliculus is on top of nucleus i.e the nucleus of Abducent n. is underneath the facial...