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  1. S

    Latest MCAT books for sale.

    I just gave the MCAT and would like to unload all my prep materials to a lucky someone who needs them. Please note these are the latest materials/books. so do not hesitate to contact me. I'm selling: 1) Full set of 10 TBR books- basically brand new/unused, not written in at all, completely...
  2. A

    MCAT Berkeley Review books - Like New - Purchased in 2016 from TBR Directly

    I am looking to sell The Berkeley Review MCAT science books (Bio, Gen Chem, O Chem, & Physics) that I bought in 2016. I bought the 8 books directly from TBR. Including shipping charges and taxes, I paid ~$300 for all the science books. I am willing to sell them together for $200 (plus...
  3. M

    MCAT Books for Sale- TBR, EK and Kaplan

    Selling MCAT books that I no longer need! Some of them have minimal writing, but in great condition! Berkeley Review Books Gen chem 1&2 Physics 1&2 Bio 1&2 Ochem 1&2 Verbal Reasoning Kaplan MCAT Physics and Math Review 2017 ed Behavioral Sciences 2017 ed Biology 2017 ed Ochem 2017 ed...
  4. A

    MCAT Berkeley Review Full Set - Like New - Purchased in 2020 from TBR Directly

    Like the title says, I am looking to sell a complete set of The Berkeley Review MCAT study books that I bought just this past February of 2020. I bought a brand new set of books delivered by Berkeley. Including shipping charges and taxes, I paid $413 for the entire set. I am willing to sell...
  5. M

    MCAT books for sale - make an offer!

    Like new (no writing/highlighting) Berkeley Review set. Bought for $250, asking $175 (includes shipping within the US). Barron’s MCAT flashcard set - $10 1001 physics and chemistry questions (minimal writing in the physics book) - $25 for both. Set of Princeton review books (like new- no...
  6. D

    For Sale Selling Lots of MCAT Books (EK, Berkley Review, and TPR)

    Hi everyone, I took the MCAT earlier this year. Grateful that I did well on the MCAT and never have to open these books again. But, looking at these books on my desk still gives me PTSD, so I'm selling them lol. I didn't do majority of the practice questions in the books so lots of...
  7. N

    For Sale Berkeley Review, Princeton Review and Kaplan MCAT books for sale.

    Hello, I have various MCAT books and study prep for sale. Berkeley Review: ( Biology Part 1 &2, Chemistry part 1&2, and Physics part 1& 2) These are the new ones published in 2018. I only used them briefly so they are still in brand new condition. There are no markings or highlighting in these...
  8. molly12252015


    I'm selling the complete SN2ed set and a couple others. Everything I'm selling includes: -The Berkeley Review: Gen Chem, Orgo, Physics, Biology, and Verbal Reasoning -Exam Krackers Questions: Chemistry, Orgo, Physics, Biology, Verbal Reasoning -Kaplan: Gen Chem, Orgo, Biochemistry, Physics...
  9. K

    Recommendations for psych/soc section?

    I know everyone says to supplement with KA videos, but which book is better EK, NS, or PR? I've heard good things about NS and PR. Also is BR good for psychology? Thank you so much!
  10. A

    Kaplan course online passages SO HARD!! Please help

    I have 2016 The Berkeley Review books for content. I purchased the Kaplan self-study passages, which is kind of like an online qbank for the new MCAT. They also come in the Kaplan courses. The passages are ridiculously hard compared to TBR, for me at least. I am scoring 55-60% on the Kaplan...
  11. P

    how to use the berkeley review?

    I started going through the first Gen Chem book, and I wasn't sure if I'm going about it the right way. Are we supposed to work the "Examples" like Example 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc on our own or use them as guided practice? Like are we already supposed to know how to do those problems? Or does...
  12. A

    Berkeley Review Scores?

    How accurate are the berkeley review conversion scores provided in the books? I find TBR to be much harder than other resources.
  13. K

    Berkeley Review (TBR) MCAT Books - Newest Editions - For Sale!!

    Hi y'all! I'm selling my NEW Berkeley Review MCAT book set. Purchased brand new in summer 2017 for the new MCAT. Excellent condition/Like new with some highlighting but NO WRITING. All practice exams and quizzes have absolutely no markings. Set includes all 8 books (minus psychology and CARS)...
  14. C

    MCAT Books for Sale!! CHEAP

    Hey guys! Trying to sell my collection of MCAT books! I also have some pdf materials, notes, etc. that we can talk about if you PM me. Prices are negotiable, I want to get rid of them before I move for med school so we can work something out that is fair for both of us. All books are in great...
  15. C

    Selling Berkeley Review Books (Full set except psych). Books made for the new MCAT

    Hello all, Selling my Berkeley Review MCAT Home Study Set. The books are in great condition, no writing in any of them. Books were purchased September of 2016, made for the new MCAT. Copyright Dates Physics I - 2017 Physics II - 2017 Gen Chem I - 2016 Gen Chem II - 2016 Biology I - 2016...
  16. EnzymaticFuture

    MCAT - Berkeley Review Passages

    Hey everyone, long time lurker here. I just started my first week of content review (following Sn2ed & Nymerias schedule) so everything seems overwhelming at first lol I have a question for y’all because I’m in need of some help After reviewing the content in the Berkeley Review books (for...
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    Advertisement TBR - starting price $100

    9 books from the berkeley review for bidding at ebay: Berkeley Review - 9 Books for MCAT | eBay
  18. Silver378

    For Sale Berkeley Review Set(New), TPR CARS, EK Verbal & 1001, Next Step

    Selling my MCAT books, no longer need them :) The Berkely Review Set - Sold The Princeton Review 2015 Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills Workbook - $70 Excellent condition, no writing or highlighting. I bought it brand new. Next Step MCAT Psychology and Sociology Strategy and Practice -...
  19. O

    For Sale Bunch of Like-New MCAT Stuff

    Hello everyone, I have been accepted and will definitely never need my MCAT study materials ever again! :soexcited: All of the following materials I purchased new, and I have kept them unmarked so that they can serve their next owner as well as they have served me! The exception may be...
  20. E

    MCAT Prep books

    Berkeley Review: BIO Pt. I and II (2013) OCHEM Pt. I and II (2013) Princeton Review: BIO/BIOCHEM for new MCAT PSYCH/SOCIOLOGY for new MCAT Hyperlearning MCAT Science Workbook (2009) ExamKrackers: 16 Mini-MCATs book (2004) All in great condition. Make a fair offer and they are yours. Shipping...
  21. A

    WANTED: Berkeley Review Books

    Hi everyone, I am currently looking to purchase 2016/2017 Berkeley Review books, particularly for Physics, Gen Chem, OChem, and Biology (both books for each subject). Please let me know if you are selling any of these (as well as the Psychology and/or CARS). Thanks!
  22. J

    MCAT Books for sale!

    Looking to sell: -a Kaplan full prep set -NextStep Psychology & Sociology Strategy & Practice book -a brand new never used 2017 Berkley Review set Message me for prices if interested!
  23. mednovice12


    Selling The Berkley Review ($225 + SH): Biology Part I and II General Chemistry Part I and II Organic Chemistry Part I and II Physics Part I and II Kaplan 2015 ($50 + SH): Biology Biochemistry General Chemistry Organic Chemistry Physics and Math CARS Behavioral Sciences TPR Science Workbook...
  24. K

    For Sale Brand New 2016 Berkeley Review Books (TBR) set!!!

    Recent version. All you need for the MCAT. Contact me to negotiate price.
  25. M

    For Sale MCAT BOOKS FOR SALE (EXAMKRACKERS + BR) [Serious seller]

    Hi, I have some books for sale for people preparing for the MCAT examinations! ExamKrackers 7th Edition: Biology Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry Physics EK 1001 for Physics and Biology The Berkeley Review (Copyright 2009): Physics Part I (Sections I-V) Physics Part II (Sections VI- X) General...
  26. C

    For Sale Lots of MCAT books

    Hello, I just finished taking the MCAT (still awaiting my score) and am now looking to sell my books! Please feel free to contact with me any questions. Kaplan (brand new, online access and practice exams included): Complete 7 Book Subject Review (Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, Biology...
  27. C

    WANTED: TBR 10-book Set, latest edition

    Looking for the most recent set of TBR books. I live in Philly, willing to travel to nearby areas if shipping is too expensive. Online every day, so contact me however you'd like!
  28. I

    MCAT lot for sale, took me from a 492 to 513 in 5 weeks.

    Hey guys, I tried selling this lot last year but no one bit. Now I am moving and really need to part ways with all of this. The materials below took me from a 493 to 513 in 5 weeks. That score was good enough to get me into 3 top 10 schools. If I can do it, anyone can! Need to sell them ASAP...
  29. FirstOrder55

    2017 83-Day MCAT Study Plan (using Berkeley Review, Kaplan and Khan Academy Cross-References)

    Hey Everyone! I mainly developed this plan for myself, but I thought I would post it here! I have updated all the references from the @mcatjelly, @SN2ed, and @_Nymeria_ study guides for a 2017 Study Plan. Credit to them for the inspiration! I'm simply uploading it in hopes it might help someone...
  30. afterallthistime

    Selling TBR, EK, TPR sets!

    Selling this EK set for $65. The MCAT 101 Passages has been marked with pencil throughout. Everything else is clean. Some may have pencil markings on 3-4 pages. Brand new, never used TPR 2016 set; $150 whole set or $20/book Used, all books are clean; no markings at all: $20/subject book...
  31. hopelessdreamer95

    ISO reasonably priced TBR set (2011 and beyond)

    Is anyone selling their TBR (The Berkeley Review) set for less than $120? Preferably 2011 and beyond?
  32. Gintoki

    For Sale Selling TBR (Bio + Chem) and EK passages

    Hi MCAT takers Update: TBR Bio and Chem sold. Thank you. Selling TBR Biology (Part I & II is sold as a set) and TBR General Chemistry (Part I & II sold as a set), both were bought directly from the TBR website in January 2017. Like-new condition. All books have no markings or highlighting. I...
  33. W

    For Sale Berkeley Review - Like New

    Berkeley Review 2013 - $250+shipping Books are like new, only flipped through pages 4-5 times. Didn't get much use out of it. No markings, no folds, no underlines, barely touched Still can be used for new exam, since Bio book is the same, and almost all the material is the same. Physics has...
  34. J

    HELP: The Berkeley Review vs ExamKrackers Full Lengths

    Hello, I have gone through all Princeton Review practice exams and I need to buy more. From those of you who have either taken the TBR or EK practice exams, which ones should I buy? Which ones are more comprehensible and similar to the actual MCAT? Please let me know! My MCAT is on May 13th and...
  35. xoANichole

    MCAT Prep Book Sets for Sale (CHEAP)

    I have the following MCAT prep books for sale. SETS- Examkrackers- (full set of 6 books including physics, chemistry, psych/ soc, bio, and Verbal reasoning) Berkeley Review- (8 books including physics 1 & 2, Bio 1 & 2, O.chem 1 & 2, and Gen. Chem 1 & 2) Kaplan- (7 books including biochem, gen...
  36. D

    SELLING MCAT Prep Books: The Berkeley Review (TBR) 2015 and ExamKrackers (EK) 2015 LIKE NEW

    I just took the MCAT this summer doing self study with these two book sets and am now looking to sell them so they can help other people! NONE of the books have ever been written in and all were bought just 6 months ago, so they are all in great condition. The Berkeley Review Complete 10 Book...
  37. joe7456

    Selling TBR Psychology and 2015 TPR Science Workbook

    Pm for offer. I will use Venmo for payment. Shipping will be additional.
  38. D

    TBR forces and torque

    The question asks: "If a person starts at the rim of a spinning platform and is pushed radially toward the central axis by a moving exterior wall, then what happens to the normal force felt by that person due to the wall?" Answer is: "It decreases, since r decreases" I used a= v^2/r but TBR...
  39. D


    A laboratory pan balance is shown In general when calculating the mass of the pan neglecting the mass of the rod: A- is possible if the fulcrum is placed at the center of mass of the whole balance B- is possible if the center of mass of the rod is the pivot point C- is not possible D- is...
  40. D

    Shape and aerodynamic

    Assuming all factors affecting wind resistance to be equal except shape which of the following shapes would generate the greatest terminal velocity in the experiment a- a water droplet b- a sphere c- a cylinder d- a cube answer is A and the answer says that during free fall a liquid will...