1. medshousing

    Renting Furnished Oakland Backyard Cottage 1 bedroom 1 bathroom

    New Listing Posted on Partner with Canadian Federation of Medical Students Listing # 2206 5930 Whitney St., Oakland, California , United Statesv Oakland unit for rent. 5930 Whitney St., 1 bed/1 bath + loft, 600 sq. ft., Fully furnished. Utilities included (no cable TV). 30...
  2. A

    MCAT Berkeley Review books - Like New - Purchased in 2016 from TBR Directly

    I am looking to sell The Berkeley Review MCAT science books (Bio, Gen Chem, O Chem, & Physics) that I bought in 2016. I bought the 8 books directly from TBR. Including shipping charges and taxes, I paid ~$300 for all the science books. I am willing to sell them together for $200 (plus...
  3. medshousing

    Renting Unfurnished Beautiful Single Family Home within 2 blocks of HWY 580. Near UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland, Highland Hospital, and Kaiser Oakl Listing # 1806 Looking for responsible tenants who will care for the home like it's their own with good credit and reliable payment history. Each applicants (18y and older) to consent to undergo a background and credit check and pay a non-refundable nominal application fee...
  4. D

    Berkeley Optometry Admissions Question

    Hello! I applied to UC Berkeley's Optometry Program and I have a few questions: -I completed my application prior to the November 30 deadline. Thus, my interview notification date is January 4. Does this mean that is when the committee will make a decision to give me an interview or will...
  5. A

    MCAT Berkeley Review Full Set - Like New - Purchased in 2020 from TBR Directly

    Like the title says, I am looking to sell a complete set of The Berkeley Review MCAT study books that I bought just this past February of 2020. I bought a brand new set of books delivered by Berkeley. Including shipping charges and taxes, I paid $413 for the entire set. I am willing to sell...
  6. j-s


    Hi all! I was wondering if anyone knows how interviews for schools will work this year? I've been searching for answers but haven't found anything too helpful...also, Berkeley is doing rolling admissions this year so I was wondering if anyone has heard about how they will be conducting...
  7. abject_combination

    Berkeley vs other options for BME

    I'm entering as a freshman undergrad this fall, and I am having trouble deciding where to go. I have good options (see below for stats), but I am unsure because of grade deflation at schools like Berkeley. Currently, it's my best option since it's the cheapest, I can continue my research into...
  8. N

    For Sale UNWRITTEN IN Berkeley Review (2018 ed.) + Exam Krackers Biology (10 ed.) + Princeton Review CARS Workbook

    All books are entirely unwritten in and are gently used. There are no markings whatsoever in any of the books. Books include: The Berkeley Review 2018 ed. complete science set (Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, Physics, and Biology - 8 books) MCATBros charges $300... mine are $278 in...
  9. I


  10. N

    For Sale Berkeley Review, Princeton Review and Kaplan MCAT books for sale.

    Hello, I have various MCAT books and study prep for sale. Berkeley Review: ( Biology Part 1 &2, Chemistry part 1&2, and Physics part 1& 2) These are the new ones published in 2018. I only used them briefly so they are still in brand new condition. There are no markings or highlighting in these...
  11. P

    Did anyone apply to the wright institute PsyD for fall 2019?

    hi guys. It’s my first post on here. The wright institute is mt number 1 choice for PsyD. I applied for admission for the upcoming 2019 fall semester. Has anyone applied and gotten an interview yet? I thought I could start this thread so we can all update each other during this process. Hope to...
  12. T

    UC Berkeley Extension Hematology & Genetics *DIY Post Bacc*

    Hello everyone! I know this is a shot in the dark, but help a fellow student out. So I'm currently taking Hematology, Pharmacology, and Genetics at UC Berkeley Extension (online). So before taking these classes I was ready to learn and ace all of them, and then once I took them I realized that...
  13. M

    SN2ed/MCAT Jelly/Nymeria books set. TBR, TPR, EK and extras

    The complete sn2ed/MCAT jelly/nymeria book set plus extras. Full “The Berkeley Review” book set, Exam Krackers 1001 books, Exam Krackers 101 passages in MCAT verbal reasoning, Exam Krackers Biology, “The Princeton Review” MCAT cars workbook (the new version of TPR hyper learning). All books...
  14. B

    Retake physics prereq and where?

    Current senior at Cal who failed physics 8a (got a C+...) Going to take physics 8b next semester and another bio upper div but there is class conflict. the upper div bio class sounds really unique so I was thinking of taking physics at berkeley extension but wondering if this would look bad on...
  15. K

    Berkeley Review (TBR) MCAT Books - Newest Editions - For Sale!!

    Hi y'all! I'm selling my NEW Berkeley Review MCAT book set. Purchased brand new in summer 2017 for the new MCAT. Excellent condition/Like new with some highlighting but NO WRITING. All practice exams and quizzes have absolutely no markings. Set includes all 8 books (minus psychology and CARS)...
  16. P

    For people who used TBR books

    Any input from people that used TBR books for the sciences would be greatly appreciated. My plan is to review using KA videos for biology, organic, and selected topics in physics and chemistry. I plan to read the TBR chapters for subjects I'm weak in. Can you say electrochemistry? I plan to...
  17. P

    Help in deciding undergrad!

    Hi! I am currently deciding between Cal Poly SLO, UCLA, and UC Berkeley. My goal is to go to physical therapy school and I want to go to the school that will make me the most competitive candidate to get into a good school. I'm having a tough time deciding if the prestige of Berkeley/UCLA will...
  18. C

    Selling Berkeley Review Books (Full set except psych). Books made for the new MCAT

    Hello all, Selling my Berkeley Review MCAT Home Study Set. The books are in great condition, no writing in any of them. Books were purchased September of 2016, made for the new MCAT. Copyright Dates Physics I - 2017 Physics II - 2017 Gen Chem I - 2016 Gen Chem II - 2016 Biology I - 2016...
  19. B

    undergrad research at UC Berkeley

  20. D

    WAMC...First time poster, please help!

  21. C

    MPH Berkeley MPH Scholarships Financial Aid

    I'd like to gather all conversation about the scholarships and financial aid Berkeley gives its MPH admits in this thread. Berkeley sent an email recently saying the following: The School of Public Health has notified nominees of their nomination for GOP, Block Grant, and KP Scholars program...
  22. S

    UCBSO Waitlisted

    I received an email from UCBSO on Thursday that I was invited to join their waitlist. It seems like they rank their waitlist and I felt sad because I really want to attend optometry school here. UCBSO asked that I don't send any more letters or materials and just told me to wait until April...
  23. Y

    UC Berkeley vs SUNY

    I'm sure this question has been asked a lot but I got accepted to both and I am not unsure which school to go too. I'm from Southern California and have been to the Bay Area countless of times to visit my friends from undergrad. On the other hand, New York would be a completely new and...
  24. W

    Berkeley Review (TBR 2013), Examkrackers, Kaplan

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to get rid of these books as I have no need for them after finishing the MCAT. I took the 2015 test with these books and I did well enough to apply to many schools. I know the value of these books have depreciated, but the content is still applicable. As long as you...
  25. B

    UC Berkeley study tips

    so last year was not great at all for my grades. This semester I really tried to spend a lot more time and get help (tutoring, Student learning center, friends, etc) and I'm probably going to get Bs or B+s in my science classes (Organic chemistry). I feel like I really put in 100% and I'm still...
  26. monkeym8

    Biochem-- Should I risk my GPA or my last semester of UG?

  27. G

    BUYING: Berkeley Review MCAT 2017 Set

    I am looking to buy the full set of MCAT books by Berkeley Review. Looking for the latest edition of the book. Please PM if you have any.
  28. H

    Optometry School Worries

    I just graduated from UCSD and have a 3.34 GPA and plan on taking the OAT sometime in August. I know this GPA is on the lower side but I'm hoping that my extracurriculars help ease the burden. I've had the same job on campus (not related to optometry) since I was a freshman and worked on average...
  29. hopelessdreamer95

    ISO reasonably priced TBR set (2011 and beyond)

    Is anyone selling their TBR (The Berkeley Review) set for less than $120? Preferably 2011 and beyond?
  30. EtherOne

    Transfer to UCLA, Berkeley, UCSD, or UC Davis?

    Help, I am a pre-med transfer student. I got accepted to all my schools, MCB for Berkeley, MIMG for UCLA, Microbiology for Davis, and Human Bio for UCSD. I don't care too much about the weather. I was pretty much set for UC Davis, I love the small town and the environment, but now that I got...
  31. H

    For Sale TBR (Berkeley Review) MCAT Books

    Hi I'm selling all the MCAT TBR books (from 2013). Includes: General Chemistry Parts I and II Physics Parts I and II Verbal Reasoning Biology Parts I and II Organic Chemistry Parts I and II Books are in great condition, and not written in. I can post pictures if you would like. Message if...
  32. A

    Withdraw from university twice? Please help

    I feel like a failure. I really need lot of help. I came into UC Berkeley as a freshman two years ago. First semester, I was diagnosed with severe anxiety and enrolled with the disability program on campus. Then in spring, I was disowned by my parents and got sexually assaulted by a gang member...
  33. Gilakend

    For Sale 2013 The Berkeley Review Books (OChem, Physics, Bio, Gen Chem, CARS)

    I have the set of 9 books that I am selling. Will do paypal for payment. Will post pics if wanted, very good condition. No writing or markings in the books. Would strongly prefer to sell all together. PM with for more info if wanted or with offers. Will ship from Ohio or Michigan. Thanks!
  34. J

    DO UGPA 2.7 / Post Bacc GPA 3.7 / MCAT 508 / Strong Research Experience

    MCAT 508 total (126/126/128/128) Graduated from UC Berkeley with 2.7 GPA Took classes at UCSD, SDSU, and community college: post bacc GPA 3.7 (~8 courses with 2 labs) Cumulative science GPA ~2.9 without averaging repeat courses Strong personal statement Strong research resume - Human tissue...
  35. F

    Berkeley vs Cornell vs CMU vs UNC Chapel Hill for PreMed

    Hey everyone! I'm a high school senior that has been accepted into the following schools. I am interested in pre-med and I'm torn between my schools. I want to become a well rounded person and so I don't just want STEM classes. I have listed some pros/cons I have discovered from reading other...
  36. W

    For Sale Berkeley Review - Like New

    Berkeley Review 2013 - $250+shipping Books are like new, only flipped through pages 4-5 times. Didn't get much use out of it. No markings, no folds, no underlines, barely touched Still can be used for new exam, since Bio book is the same, and almost all the material is the same. Physics has...
  37. D

    SELLING MCAT Prep Books: The Berkeley Review (TBR) 2015 and ExamKrackers (EK) 2015 LIKE NEW

    I just took the MCAT this summer doing self study with these two book sets and am now looking to sell them so they can help other people! NONE of the books have ever been written in and all were bought just 6 months ago, so they are all in great condition. The Berkeley Review Complete 10 Book...
  38. dgbmonkey

    MCAT Prep Books For Sale

    Hey, Future Physicians! I am beginning my first year of medical school soon and am ready to part with my MCAT prep tools. I have sold a few books already, but the books in the photo are still available. If you are needing any of these materials, please message me. Best of luck on your journey...
  39. P

    Kaplan vs. Berkeley Review + Questions about Online Kaplan Course

    I'm thinking about taking the online Kaplan MCAT course this summer, but I can't really find any information on the material covered or what it offers over the books alone. Is the Kaplan course basically the books + classes with test-taking strategies + MCAT practice exams? Does anyone have a...
  40. D

    Best MCAT prep Orange County

    What is the best in-class MCAT review course in the Orange County/UCI area? All of the reviews I have seen are out-dated and I want to know in reference to the new MCAT. Princeton Review or Berkeley Review or Kaplan or other?