1. S

    Latest MCAT books for sale.

    I just gave the MCAT and would like to unload all my prep materials to a lucky someone who needs them. Please note these are the latest materials/books. so do not hesitate to contact me. I'm selling: 1) Full set of 10 TBR books- basically brand new/unused, not written in at all, completely...
  2. A

    MCAT Books for sale!! Exam krackers, Princeton Review, AAMC guides

    1. Princeton Review Complete MCAT 2015 (good condition) = $15 (plus shipping) 2. Princeton Review MCAT Biology and Biochemistry Review 2015 (good condition) = $15 (plus shipping) 3. Princeton Review MCAT Biochemistry Review (very good condition)= $15 (plus shipping) 4. Princeton Review MCAT CARS...
  3. D

    MCAT Study Book for Sale: Hyperlearning Verbal Workbook (Princeton Review)

    Selling 2010 edition of Princeton Review's Hyperlearning Verbal Workbook. Used it in 2013, and its tips were very useful in helping me earn my 41 (equivalent new score of 525). Book is in near-perfect condition; absolutely ZERO markings/writings. Spine is unbent. The cover has a few small...
  4. I

    MCAT books for sale! EK, TPR, TBR

    Hi everyone, I am selling my MCAT books. Please DM me @icyseal171 for any inquiries. Ships only to US. Mcat: Old edition set TBR + others: $75 shipping included This is the older edition for the MCAT prior to 2015, but it contains a lot of practice questions and concepts that are also in the...
  5. N

    For Sale UNWRITTEN IN Berkeley Review (2018 ed.) + Exam Krackers Biology (10 ed.) + Princeton Review CARS Workbook

    All books are entirely unwritten in and are gently used. There are no markings whatsoever in any of the books. Books include: The Berkeley Review 2018 ed. complete science set (Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, Physics, and Biology - 8 books) MCATBros charges $300... mine are $278 in...
  6. EnzymaticFuture

    TBR or TPR

    Hello everyone!! For content review, is it better to use TPR instead of TBR? I have all the TBR books and was told to use them for their passages. What would be a better source of content review? Thank you!
  7. michelle7072

    Do Kaplan and TPR free FLs let you reivew errors?

    Taking the test on Sept 19 and have started doing some FLs. I have a couple free FLs from TPR and took one yesterday but couldn't figure out how to go back and review each question I did wrong, which is the whole point of taking FLs. Does anyone know if TPR free FLs even allow you to do this? I...
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    Hey folks, I've got a bunch of MCAT study material that is in NEW condition. None of these books have been written in, highlighted, or creased. All books are in immaculate shape. Prices include shipping (assuming you are within the continental US) and paypal fees. Feel free to PM with any...
  9. 1

    MCAT How in-depth should I know the Kreb Cycle?

    I am reading TPR biochemistry review, and once I got to the kreb cycle section it says, "The multistep cycle will be broken into 3 general stages. The reaction are shown for conceptual understanding only; there is no need to memorize." I was kinda put off by this, because I've heard from others...
  10. M

    SN2ed/MCAT Jelly/Nymeria books set. TBR, TPR, EK and extras

    The complete sn2ed/MCAT jelly/nymeria book set plus extras. Full “The Berkeley Review” book set, Exam Krackers 1001 books, Exam Krackers 101 passages in MCAT verbal reasoning, Exam Krackers Biology, “The Princeton Review” MCAT cars workbook (the new version of TPR hyper learning). All books...
  11. esob

    For Sale MCAT Books: Berkeley Review (TBR) / Exam Krackers / Princeton (TPR)

    The Berkeley Review Full Set, includes (copyright dates listed): $275 shipped to the 48 states. - Bio I + II (2016) - Gen Chem I + II (2016) - Ochem I + II (2016) - Physics I + II (2018) - Psych (2016) - Verbal (2013) All are in like new condition, with near zero markings. - I also have the...
  12. A

    Advice requested: How to proceed with MCAT studying

    I just took my first TPR MCAT full length exam after doing 2 months of pure content review and a few practice passages occasionally. I scored a 499 (123/123/127/126). The content review was mainly just taking the TPR online classes and reading through the TPR book set. All practice passages that...
  13. A

    EK Set and In-Class books: TPR Books

    Hi everyone, I got into medical school and no longer need these books. Payments and shipping costs will be processed via Paypal or venmo. All prices include shipping. SELLING: I am selling all the books listed in the pictures, which includes: The Princeton Review (TPR) TPR MCAT Science...
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  15. P

    Kaplan or The Princeton Review or Something Else?

    I've decided to dedicate the whole summer to studying for the MCAT and I'm trying to find the best resources. Unsurprisingly, most of my pre-med friends are no longer pre-med and the ones that have taken the MCAT have differing opinions about the review books and classes. Plus the sample size...
  16. J

    Is the Med Flix from the TPR adequate for MCAT prep?

    The title basically says it all. I started by reading through the TPR books and working through the problems, but I noticed that I can hold my attention better with the MedFlix videos. They also give helpful tips as to how to approach certain problems on the MCAT. So I guess I'll reiterate my...
  17. A

    TPRH Questions for CARS? Hard or AAMC-Like??!

    Are TPRHyperlearning questions similar to AAMC questions? I find that some of their answers to the tests at the end are just way off - you can't reliably draw the same conclusions each time. I'm going to buy the AAMC questions.
  18. 8


  19. G

    Gold Standard Reviews Please

    Hello all! I am thinking about what prep materials to use for my MCAT test date at the end of this summer. I was wondering what everyone or anyone thinks of Gold Standard MCAT prep materials. Has anyone used them in the past and had success? If anyone is currently studying with Kaplan or TPR...
  20. I

    For Sale MCAT BOOKS FOR SALE: Kaplan, TPR...selling fast!

    Hi SDN! I am done with the MCAT and ready to pass on my materials. Some of these books I used more than others, but nearly all of them are in excellent condition (see details below). I would much prefer to sell these books in bundles. If you reeeeally want to pick and choose let me know and I...
  21. A

    489 okay score for TPR Diagnostic?

    Hi guys. I took a practice MCAT today through TPR. I have not started studying at all. (my exam date is in august and I'm enrolled for a class throughout the summer. I have no other requirement's over the summer so MCAT studying will be my life). I scored a 489 with chemphys: 121 biobiochem: 121...
  22. I

    For Sale MCAT BOOKS FOR SALE: Kaplan, TPR...selling fast!

    Hi SDN! I am done with the MCAT and ready to pass on my materials. Some of these books I used more than others, but nearly all of them are in excellent condition (see details below). I would much prefer to sell these books in bundles. If you reeeeally want to pick and choose let me know and I...
  23. L

    For Sale MCAT books: AAMC OG, flash cards TBR, TPR, Kaplan, (new edition) EK 101 CARS, BIO

    Kaplan MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review: Book (Kaplan Test Prep) 2nd edition - $70 - Minimal markings. Some books haven't been used. Highlights on other books. Questions may have check marks. - Includes 7 books and quick sheet The Berkeley Review Complete MCAT Book Set - 10 books...
  24. E

    Princeton Review Ultimate 2018 class schedule?

    Hi SDNers, I'm looking for the schedule that the Ultimate course (the most common class that they do) uses? I have all of the books (including the in class compendium) but am not sure how to get through them over the next 12 weeks. Can anyone post the schedule?
  25. J

    TPR PSY Question Help!

    I was doing TPR review, but this question really confused me. Suppose that when an individual behaves in a negative way, she tends to blame the situation for her negative behavior, and not her personality. What error is this person committing? a. fundamental attribution error b. actor/observer...
  26. D

    MCAT Books for Sale! (TBR, EK, Kaplan, TPR, NextStep, Official Guide)

    Have recently been accepted to medical school and am selling all MCAT prep books that I used for the post 2015 MCAT! The Berkeley Review 2012 (8 Book Set): ~$150+shipping (great condition, no markings) -Includes General Chemistry I & II, Organic Chemistry I & II, Physics I & II, Biology I & II...
  27. BTC0821

    Thoughts on which practice exams to use (order wise)

    Hi everyone, so I'll be purchasing a 5 pack of Altius exams soon; I already have the AAMC exams, and have taken a few Kaplan and TPR practice exams. I did 4 (3 Kaplan and 1 TPR) in the summer, and one AAMC (AAMC practice exam 2), decided to postpone when that was a 502 to take it this January. I...
  28. Jimmyjohn7

    MCAT: TBR, TPR, ExamKrackers, & Kaplan

    >THE BERKELEY REVIEW (TBR) (New/Post-2015 MCAT) Lightly written in. Set: $250 Biology I & II General Chemistry I & II Organic Chemistry I & II Physics I & II Psychology Verbal Reasoning (Old/Pre-2015 MCAT) Written in. Set: $50 Biology I & II Organic Chemistry I & II General Chemistry I...
  29. Dr.Narcos

    Looking for a Study Schedule for MCAT

    Hey SDN, Im going to Study for the MCAT in December and plan on taking my MCAT May 5th. Giving me about 5 months. I will also be in school but am taking a light load. I have been trying to make a study schedule that is personalized to me. Anyone willing to help. I have Kaplan 7 subject...
  30. Z

    Managing coursework for TPR MCAT ultimate class ??

    Hello, So I just started the TPR live online ultimate course for the MCAT. I will be taking the MCAT Jan 19 so I have about 3.5 months, but the course lasts for two months. Basically I have been feeling very overwhelmed with the amount of homework and readings that are assigned after each...
  31. joe7456

    Selling books for the new MCAT

    Hello, the books below are in great condition. I will use Venmo to transfer money. Shipping fee is not included below. The Princeton review 2nd ed.- 50$ (This was handy because it encompasses review for all 6 subject in one book, which was useful during travel between library and home, as well...
  32. H

    For Sale MCAT 2015 books

    Selling MCAT 2015 books. All books are NEW or LIKE NEW (only touched 1-2 times max) I studied for the MCAT for about ~ 2 weeks 2 years ago before realizing medical school wasn't the path I wanted to take. I was enrolled in the TPR course, and have some of the workbooks that are kind of hard to...
  33. J

    Opinion on Bio Review Books?

    I have the TPR and Kaplan Biology/Biochem content review books. I also have the EK Bio 1 book. I have TBR for all the other sciences. (I don't have a strong recall of intro level pre-reqs) Should I buy TBR for bio as well? Should I buy the EK Bio 2 book? If not, how should I tackle bio content...
  34. S

    For Sale Selling TPR set and SN2ed set

    Complete TPR set from spring 2016 class. I can also send you color coded notes from the course. SN2ed Set. Breaking Down the MCAT: A 3 Month MCAT Study Schedule Kaplan pre-MCAT 2015 prep can be thrown in for free if you want them. Message me for pricing details. Buyer pays for shipping.
  35. T

    For Sale TPR Princeton Review Course Books (full set) + extras!

    Recently completed Princeton Review's MCAT prep course, so I'm selling the materials we've used. All were purchased 3 months ago (May 2017) together as a set and have very little to no writing or highlighting in them. They are all the most updated versions for the "new" MCAT. I'm asking $200 for...
  36. P

    Next-Step / Altius / Kaplan / TPR - FL Opinions

    I know there's a lot of threads out there asking about which company has the best exams and everyone says different things which makes it even harder to choose when you start scouring reddit and SDN. Here I give my own opinions and personal experiences with the following: NS, Altius, Kaplan...
  37. mednovice12


    Selling The Berkley Review ($225 + SH): Biology Part I and II General Chemistry Part I and II Organic Chemistry Part I and II Physics Part I and II Kaplan 2015 ($50 + SH): Biology Biochemistry General Chemistry Organic Chemistry Physics and Math CARS Behavioral Sciences TPR Science Workbook...
  38. mrdespair

    Help with prep over semester + winter break

    Hi SDN, I unfortunately will not have a full summer available to prep for the MCAT, so I was wondering if you guys would have any advice for preparing over the course of a regular semester (I'm anticipating being able to spare about 5-8h/wk for prep) plus winter break (when I will be able to...
  39. C

    For Sale TBR Books and some PR ! Excellent Condition!!!

    Hey everyone! I have untouched (no highlighting, mark-ups or writing) Princeton Review MCAT Subject Review books (2nd edition) for: 1. CARS 2. Psychology and Sociology 3. Biochemistry I have the newest/latest berkley books (minimal mark-up, some no mark-up at all) for: Biology Books I and II...
  40. M

    TPR MCAT scores :/

    Hey guys! So i'm freaking out about my TPR scores... my exam is in a month and im not seeing any improvements in my scores. I haven't done the AAMC material yet because i just want to finish all of the TPR tests, but they're really discouraging! my marks so far are: TPR1: 504: 124/124/129/127...