MCAT in 6 days - Sudden low VR score on a practice test.

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Jul 6, 2014
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Hi guys, New SDN member here. Pleasure to meet you all.

My VR score on the past few practice tests has been the following:
11, 10, 10, 10, 11, 10, 11
Those consist of 4 AAMC tests, two GS (Gold standard) tests, and one TPR test. the 11s were on AAMC3 and the two GS tests.

My VR score at the beginning of my studying for the MCAT two and a half months ago was 7-9, with my minimum acceptable VR score being 10, and in the past two and a half weeks I have raised my VR score to a consistent 10/11. I was proud of my improvement over the last two and a half months... Until this morning.

I took an AAMC practice test this morning, 6 days before my MCAT. My PS and BS scores did not deviate from their averages to this point (12 in PS, 12 in BS) but my VR score was an 8. After seeing my score, I felt completely panicked and lost. I felt like since this is the most recent practice test to my MCAT, it will be the most representative of my actual score.

After resting a bit, I have a strong feeling that the low score was due to my feeling overly anxious/panicky during today's test (I had only gotten around 6 hours of sleep last night as well, which may have contributed to the anxiety).

If anybody has had a similar experience to mine (I.E. sudden low VR score days before the MCAT), could you share it +/- it's outcome? Furthermore, is this overall experience uncommon?

What are some things I can do to lower my stress level, or to ensure that I am confident and NOT in this state on my actual test date (Besides getting the proper amount of sleep)? I will do anything to get that 10 in VR.

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Its probably stress. If you've been scoring well on VR in the past, you can do it again. Just chill out
Yeah probably stress. Do some heavy post game to see what kind of questions you're missing. If you usually get those right then I wouldn't worry about. Try not to do anything MCAT related to lower your stress level. Get out with some friends/family, watch a movie or something.