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    MCAT Prep Princeton Review Vs Kaplan

    I already know I need to do a decent amount of content review prior to studying for the questions of the test. I took the majority of the prerequisites over two years ago and most were online due to COVID. I already own the Kaplan MCAT Test Prep books and find them to be very dense and am having...
  2. G

    For Sale $450-Princeton Review MCAT Self-Study course for sale

    Hello everyone! I recently got accepted to medical school and do not need my Princeton Review online course anymore. It has served me well and helped me get a 514, but since Im done with it I decided to sell it it for les than a third of the price I got it for to whoever wants it. It goes for...

    MCAT BOOKS TPR, EK, Kaplan... very reduced

    Hi there, I have the following sets for sale. I used these books to improve my MCAT score by 11 points (1st attempt 489.... 2nd attempt 500). Now, I want them gone lol 1- The Princeton Review (TPR): - Full set of subject books (2nd and 3rd edition, all for the NEW MCAT) + their CARS workbook...
  4. H

    For those who did great on the MCAT and got into med school, a little help?

    For those who studied MCAT and did well (515+), what books do you recommend and what were your study schedules like? I need to do really well on my exam. I am planning to take it for the first time in January 2019 or May 2019. I made my fall semester light deliberately so that I could study for...
  5. F

    MCAT princeton review Complete Set 2nd Edition

    Hi, I am hoping to sell my MCAT princeton review 2nd Edition. It consists of 7 complete book covering all parts of the MCAT. I would say it is completely new as I only managed to look through one of the 7 books. NO NOTES OR ANY WRITING INSIDE. Only selling it within Malaysia and Singapore...
  6. Sage of Pale Bones

    College is giving me a free prep class: KAPLAN or Princeton Review

    Hello, As the title suggests I got lucky and my natsci program is willing to pay for a MCAT prep class. The program offers both KAPLAN in person or Princeton Review ultimate. Which program would be better from someone who relies on good practice questions and practice exams? Initially I am...
  7. walrus99


    Hi everyone! I registered for my MCAT exam on September 19th. I'll be taking The Princeton Review Ultimate MCAT course M-F, 3 hours each day. from June 25th-August 15th. All 9 of the PR books have just been delivered to me and I feel antsy to start studying for the MCAT now. The thing is I...
  8. rangerdad

    Best MCAT prep course and software (IF MONEY IS NOT AN ISSUE)

    Hello guys, I haven't posted anything in a while, but I chose to stay away from this website for a while. I a little intense! I am almost at the end of my Biomedical degree and now I am starting to think about MCAT prep. As a prior military member I am using the Vocational Rehab Program, and I...
  9. P

    For Sale Selling TBR (2017), Kaplan, EK 101 Passages, Princeton Review, and Next Step

    I am selling the following materials: There are no markings in any of the books. All of them are in great condition except PR. Kaplan 2015 - 2016 set as well as MCAT 528 Book. Both the set and book $75 Princeton Review: I have the complete 7 book set as well as the CARS, In-Class Compendium...
  10. N

    Selling Princeton Self-Paced MCAT

    Books included. DM for details.
  11. M

    MCAT Spring 2018

    Hello Everyone, I wanted to create a feed for those of us who are/will be preparing to take their MCAT in Spring of 2018. I was hoping we could possibly exchange ideas on study plans, materials that will be used to study, etc.
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    MUST GO-ASAP $200 for everything! EVERYTHING you could possibly need! TPR MCAT CARS WORKBOOK-Never Used TPR MCAT CARS Review- Never Used TPR MCAT BIOLOGY- Never Used TPR MCAT BIOCHEMISTRY- Never Used TPR MCAT GENERAL CHEMISTRY- Very Lightly Used TPR MCAT Organic Chemistry- Never Used TPR...
  14. M

    PCAT 2017 Resources for sell (99 composite score)

    Hey guys, I just took my PCAT July 2017 and with my study resources I got a 99 composite (bio99,chem99,reading92,math92). I have Dr.Collins 2017, Cliffs AP bio, and more resources that really helped with the passages. Email me at [email protected] if you're interested :) and good luck on your...
  15. B

    For Sale: TPR Hyperlearning Complete MCAT 2017 Class Prep Set

    Princeton Review Hyperlearning Materials for 2017 MCAT Prep Class for Sale: $100 for complete set. Never used, completely new!
  16. T

    For Sale Princeton Review MCAT 2017 Self Prep Course + Books

    Bought TPR's online course in April only to find out 2 weeks later that I was accepted! The account does not expire until January 2018. The books are BRAND NEW and the workbooks UNTOUCHED. Selling Online course and books for cheaper than what I paid for. Comes with: ALL BRAND NEW 1st...
  17. T

    For Sale MCAT KAPLAN & Princeton Review Packages

    Must sell asap!! Like new, little highlighting, excellent condition Kaplan 2015 MCAT 7-book Subject Review (($200)) The Princeton Review: (($200)) 9 books including study guides, reviews and workbooks Also selling AAMC 4th edition The Official Guide to the MCAT Exam ((Will include in...
  18. M

    MCAT - TPR 2015 books

    Selling a full set of The Princeton Review books from 2015 that you would get when taking their course. All books are in LIKE NEW condition with NO writing or highlighting. Asking $125 Or best offer (shipping included free with tracking anywhere in the U.S.) Message me for anymore questions...
  19. S

    For Sale The Princeton Review MCAT set *NEW* 2016 edition Plus....

    includes in class compendium with answers and the SCIENCE WORKBOOK~ SELLING FOR 80$ PLUS SHIPPING text at 954 496 1126 for details and shipping info.
  20. Cervantes

    Emory MCAT prep course

    Hi, SDN! I'll be taking the MCAT in August, and I've already signed up for the in-person Princeton Review course that starts in June and ends at the beginning of August. The PR course meets Monday through Thursday for 3 hours each day for a total of 102-105 hours. Until the date the PR course...
  21. S

    For Sale 20% OFF MCAT Princeton Review Tutoring

    I have purchased 30+ hours of tutoring (that I can no longer refund in any way) so I would like to hand it over at a cheaper price to any pre-medical students who would be interested in Princeton Review's Tutoring services. 100% online comes with 10+ practice tests online hundreds of additional...