MCAT Review Material

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Hello everyone. I have tons of MCAT review guides available for the taking. I have the entire set of 1998 Kaplan MCAT review guids along with the Science Workbook. I also have the 1999 Editions. I also have the entire set of 2002 Princeton Review Study course which includes TPR 2002 Set Includes:

1. In Class Compendium
2. Verbal Reasoning and Writing Review
3. Verbal Workbook
4. Biological Sciences Review
5. Physical Sciences Review
6. Science Workbook
7. Practice A-D exams

I also have ExamCrackers MCAT Audio Osmosis available. I also have practice AAMC tests I-VI with solutions. I am willing to sell everything together of separately as individual sets. Let me know if you are interested!! You can email me at:
[email protected]