1. S

    Colonoscopy training for FM resident

    I am a second year FM resident in Ohio and planning on practicing in a rural ohio town. I'm planning on doing colonoscopies there as well...the FM doc who is there now is retiring. Does anyone know of any good physicians either in or around ohio that would teach and have taught endoscopy to FM...
  2. ShiShiMD

    Official 2021-2022 Gastroenterology Fellowship Application Cycle

    It's that time of the year. Everyone getting everything ready for submission. It is going to be a good year. Lots of new programs to apply to (WV Marshall University is one of them). For people applying this year, you can post your scores, publications, cred... and ask any questions...
  3. T

    Academics vs private practice

    For those of you in Gastroenterology fellowship or recently graduated- what factors influenced your decision to pursue a career in academics vs private practice. Pros and Cons?
  4. L

    Help me rank IM programs. Interested in GI.

    Please help me rank IM programs. Interested in GI fellowship/academic career. 1. Cleveland Clinic Ohio. 2. Case Western UH. 3. U Wisconsin. 4. Boston University. 5. U. Miami. 6. Montefiore NYC. 7. UT San Antonio. 8. UTH Houston. 9. Uni of Kansas. 10. University of Oklahoma. 11...
  5. M

    Should i get into the USMLE etc process as an IMG? I'm a 32 year old gastroenterologist and an attending in my country.

    Hello everyone, I've been reading alot about the process that IMGs have to go through in order to be licensed to practice in the US. I'm a 32 year old attending in gastro in my home country. For personal reasons, i'm considering moving to the US. I'm asking your honest opinion about: The...
  6. G

    Advice for securing a GI fellowship

    Hello all, I recently matched in internal medicine a mid-tier University program. I found this forum very useful for my residency preparation and hope to receive some good advice for my fellowship aspirations. With only 2 years in hand for the next match cycle for me, I think its time to roll...
  7. NolesFan1996

    I believe I have a chance, but undergrad was a rocky road

    Hello everyone, I am currently going through an existential crisis and have no idea what I want to do with my life. While I was an undergrad, I was really dead-set on either going to dental, medical, or PA school, but due to toxic relationships, problems with my family, and mental health...
  8. D

    Opinions on chief year at outside program?

    Applied to GI this year and had some really good interviews but being a realist, I know there's always a chance I won't match. Recently I've had a few emails from programs offering PGY4 junior faculty/chief resident spots. In case I don't match, just wondering if picking up one of these...
  9. PhysicianAttorney

    Advanced Endoscopy Fellowship - Job Offers

    All, I was hoping you could help. I am working with multiple individuals on compensation for newly graduated advanced endoscopy fellows. Given it is a sub-specialty of GI, there is not much information on compensation and offers. Is anyone aware of standard ranges for new graduates in the...
  10. D

    Combined GI/Hepatology Programs?

    I know there's ~20 places that have a combined program for GI and hepatology in 3 yrs, anyone doing this or can shed some light on it? I'll probably do a +1yr Hep fellowship after GI anyway, just wondering if its worth it to shrink it down to 3yrs. I assume you lose elective/research time but...
  11. D

    Chances at GI fellowship and advice needed

    I know some of these questions have been beat to death but a lot of the threads I'm finding are from when GI was much less competitive or you guys are just too brilliant and don't have to deal with the same problems us mortals do lol. So I figured I'll just ask and I would really appreciate any...
  12. D

    Medical Physiology Help!

    Hey guys! I apologize beforehand if this is a common topic, I've searched the forums and could not find any thread. I'm a second semester medical student currently undergoing the GI system. I've been using Constanzo for physio with a bit of Guyton here and there but mostly Constanzo but I've...
  13. M

    Question Regarding ERAS LOR Request

    Hi All, I am doing my residency in a community hospital and applying for GI fellowship. My department chair is writing me a LOR and I would like to know if the below option in the LOR request applies to only medical students or can I as a medical resident chose this option as the department...
  14. ShiShiMD

    Official 2018-2019 GI Fellowship Application Cycle

    Is that Time again. Please post your comments, credentials, and visa status (If you desire). Best of luck to all who apply this year, and we wish the best for you all.
  15. A

    GI/Liver Guidelines for the boards

    Different societies may have different guidelines regarding different diseases, do you have a sense (good rule of thumb) on how to approach studying the guidelines for the sake of GI boards? One example is alcoholic liver disease AASLD vs. ACG, and so on.
  16. A

    GI boards 2018 - Study notes, resources, and overall discussion

    As the merry season of board preparation approaches, let's share our study notes and what we are doing to prepare for the boards. I am currently doing the DDSEP 8 questions and reading brennan spiegel's books. How are you preparing for the boards?
  17. M


    I am a visa requiring IMG and will be applying for GI fellowship (including programs in California) during the upcoming match season. 1. Is PTAL needed for applying to the program in CA? 2. Should I have PTAL ready when I apply to the CA programs in July?
  18. M


    I am a visa requiring IMG and will be applying for GI fellowship (including programs in California) during the upcoming match season. 1. Is PTAL needed for applying to the program in CA? 2. Should I have PTAL ready when I apply to the CA programs in July?
  19. M


    Hello, Can anyone tell me which is the most probable diagnosis in each of the following five cases of middle-aged men based on their laboratory results?
  20. R

    ABIM Research Pathway or Research during Fellowship?

    Hi all, I would like to seek your opinions regarding whether I should pursue an ABIM research track or not. I'm an IMG graduated 8 years ago, had completed residency and GI fellowship at my home country, and had invested some time in GI research. My focus is on clinical research, and I don't...
  21. C

    Concerns about fellowship

    Congratulations to everyone who matched today! I have some concerns that I know will appear foolish to most, but I'm hoping for some advice to help me sift through everything going through my head right now. I'm just applied and matched into a GI fellowship program. Within the past 3 weeks...
  22. J

    Family medicine/student medical conferences

    Anyone know of free conferences for medical students in the specialty of family medicine, diet/exercise, GI microbiome ect more pertaining to family medicine topics? GREATLY APPRECIATED
  23. PatNanym

    GI vs HemeOnc fellowship. Your help appreciated.

    I am an IMG PGY2 in a community-based hospital in New England. I am looking at doing a fellowship in either GI or HemeOnc. I am more interested in GI, but I'm a little apprehensive hearing the match rates (~15% for IMGs this year?) and am confused as to which to apply to. Is HemeOnc almost as...
  24. D

    Advanced endoscopy fellowship?

    Hello, I'm an fmg currently completing my fellowship in gi at my hone country (Pakistan)...i have heard that one can get a position in advanced endoscopy fellowship even if one is an fmg as most of the people tend to start working on general gastroenterology after completing their...
  25. R

    Electives for IMG

    Hello all, I am an International Medical Student from India and I am in my final year. I did all my core electives in India and I will be graduating in August, 2017. So, I am looking for clinical elective opportunities either in June or July. I gave my USMLE Step 1 and I will be wrting step 2...
  26. M

    Why is acute bowel ischemia more common in the SI

    Hi, I have read that acute bowel ischemia is almost always small bowel (as opposed to the large bowel). Does anyone know/can guess the reasons as to why? Thanks
  27. P

    Official 2017-2018 Pediatric Gastroenterology Match Cycle

    Hello everyone, Wanted to start this to help with sharing of information. Will be helpful leading up to application and for notification of when programs start sending out interviews. I am a 2nd year peds resident that will be applying on this cycle. Feel free to say hello or start with...
  28. C

    Best family medicine residency programs that teach endoscoping

    I'm looking to apply to family medicine residency programs that teach a variety of procedures like endocoping. Any ideas?
  29. R

    How bad is the lifestyle of an advanced endoscopist?

    I've heard many things about how advanced endoscopists have worse lifestyles than general gastroenterologists. How bad is it? Like interventional cardiology bad? How often do you get called in for emergencies? hours per week? Feel free to distinguish between academic vs. private. If someone with...
  30. nutritionbuff

    Current/Past Med students: UCI vs UCSD?

    Hi there, I am hoping that current or graduated medical students could shed some light on UCI and UCSD - beyond what can be read on their websites. I am choosing between the two schools and having a hard time.. In the last couple years, all the major differences that I could identify have been...
  31. T

    Passions = nutrition and preventive medicine...advice?

    Hi all– I am seeking some perspective. My greatest interest lies in nutrition -- exploring and promoting diets that work best for people to optimize their health and wellbeing. However, I do not feel I will be satisfied as a dietician. I view this profession as being fairly limited, both...
  32. W

    Going BACK to fellowship after leaving one and working - Advice Needed

    So here's my story... I finished residency and went into a PCCM fellowship in NYC, and I was going through some difficult personal issues and ended up failing my boards. Well, needing to keep on top of my work in the program and re-study for my boards was just too much for me, especially the...