Discussion in 'Military Dentistry' started by LazurasDC, Aug 10, 2006.

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  1. LazurasDC

    LazurasDC Member 5+ Year Member

    Feb 22, 2006
    Oh was MEPS an experience. I got there at 0800, was told my briefing would being at 0930 (most of the enlisted had to be there at 0500) Sat around for 1.5 hours wasting time and getting my phone confiscated. I filled out some paper work and then waited for about 15minutes to take a urine test. Then waited more to get my blood drawn. Waited more and got my physical and ortho/neuro test (which was really fun being felt up by a doctor who was about 90 yrs old), waited more to get my hearing done, and waited more and got my vision checked. CMO thought I had some sort of serious problem b/c my right eye has a -3.25 astigmatistm and my left eye is 20/20. So I had to walk 4 blocks to a "specialist" to get a manifest refraction check up and get checked out. waited there for over an hour and came back and all is well. Sat around a little, read some ESPN and SI mags and then finally got my paperwork to take to the liason. It was nice being 1 of 2 officer candidates there I was treated a little nicer than the other enlisted guys mostly of whom were 18 with the exception of a few oldies. I got out around 1400 whereas I was "supposed" to be out by 1100. Oh well. It's done and It's over. If you don't have any crazy problems, you could probably expect to be out by 1200 latest.

    Thought I'd share my experience and maybe you guys will know what to expect.
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  3. shinji

    shinji Healthcare for Life 10+ Year Member

    Mar 6, 2005
    San Francisco
    MEPS definitely is not my happiest experience. I was there at 5:00 and got yelled at numerous times, just like the enlisted candidates, for the physical exam. An officer stood next to me and watched me like a hawk while I uncomfortably urinated for a urine sample. During the doctor interview, the last step of the physical exam, he treated me harshly until I told him I am going to study at UCSF this fall. By watching how the military personnel treat the waiting-to-be enlisted people, I felt very sorry for them and I could not image how the 18 yrs old kids' lives would be like once they became formally enlisted.
  4. dentalguy

    dentalguy Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Oct 17, 2004

    Get this:

    So I went for my physical, at first it was supposed to be for the Navy. I was told by my recruiter to be there at 0515. Yea I wish I would have been able to show up at 0800 instead. Anyway when I got there I went to the Navy liason and he was like where is your form, mind you my recruiter was not there with me. I told him my recruiter had already sent it and just told me to show up. Remember this is at 0530 at about this time. This is where it gets fun. The liason told me I had not been released by the army (i was processing with them too at the time) and could not go through my physical today. I was pretty pissed at this time so I called my recruiter and he told me and I quote "I called you yesterday to tell you not to go to the physical because the paperwork was not done". So yea I showed up at 0515 and had to go home at 0545 because of the organization problems.

    Then about 4 weeks later I decided to go through with the army's appointment. THis time my army recruiter showed up with me. They once again told me I could not go through my physical because of paperwork. I about lost it but then my recruiter pretty much told them off and said in a not so nice way "he IS going to physical today" he is a captain so many of the guys there were lower rank. Just thought I'd share my hellacious MEPS experience. I'm glad I don't have to do that again although I'm sure if I join that there will be more problems at some other date.
  5. bliss72

    bliss72 HPSP counselor/student 2+ Year Member

    Aug 12, 2006
    Brooklyn, NY
    The Bad thing about MEPS is that even though you may THINK you are an officer candidate and the other guy is an enlisted candidate, neither of you have signed anything yet so you are BOTH civilians (military candidates) You haven't sworn in or earned any rank yet so you get treated like everyone else LOL.

    I am enlisted, 8 years now,after Boot camp and AIT we don't get treated like that, as a matter of fact most of us with few exceptions get treated with alot of respect. Boot Camp is just a hump.

    PS have you seen some of the 18 year olds these day? Most of them have no respect for authority because they think it is about equality. "He's no better than me, why should I do what he says?" In reality, when you are enlisted and in a wartime situation I may not have time to explain to you that there is a Sniper on a roof, only time to yell "get the F**@ down" they yell at you to train you to react. It saves lives.

    As for MEPS... that is a whole nother ball of wax.

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