Aug 7, 2019
Pharmacy Student
Hello!! Wondering if there are any recent 2019 pharmacy grads applying for their first pharmacist license? The process completely changed this year in MI in that you now have to pass both the NAPLEX and MPJE before you can even apply for your pharmacist license/controlled substance license. Anyone out there going through/just went through this process for the 2019 year? I am having trouble because I've submitted my application and fees and sent my Certificate of Pharmacy Completion/Internship Training Affidavit from my pharmacy school right when I graduated well before my application, but I'm afraid it probably was lost in the shuffle. Also, I called my licensing department and asked if I need to request NABP send my NAPLEX/MPJE scores and they said "no" and that they have a way of checking NABP to see my scores, however, on my application in review, it states that I should contact NABP to send my I just emailed them to send those scores over. I also have not gotten an email to complete my background check, even though I should have received it within 24 hours of submitting my application. Kind of just confused on the whole process! My job is waiting on my license and so am I; I'd love to get to work! Any advice from my fellow MI pharmacists would be appreciated!

Aug 19, 2018
Not sure about MI but in Texas I had to call them every 2 days asking about my application(i am foreign grad) till they sent my att
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