Military docs who served a total of 3 years - what kept you from staying in longer than that?

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IF you are in a critical war time specialty -

The reserves can make a LOT of sense.

Consider the math.

Most CWS bonuses are 70k (for a 3 year contract). Anesthesia (my specialty) will likely go to 70 this year - currently at 40K.

Anyway, if I get out at 12 years, and do the reserves - that is 70K plus all the extra money you make as a reservist. PLUS, my civilian job gives me extra money beyond what I would have made active duty.

That 70K is basically MORE than what you would make with your retirement check.

Of course, lots of other issues need to be factored - but it is certainly something to consider.

I suspect the HPSP 2:1 deal will return.

Reserves may sound appealing until they start pulling all the reservists to fill the gapped active duty billets that can’t be filled.
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