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Moonlighting Questions


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Dec 9, 2002
    Hello all. I'm a 4th year med student and I'm about to graduate and venture into the world of residency. I've heard a lot about moonlighting from my classmates and other residents. Exactly how does the process work? Are there any agencies that find docs moonlighting positions or do you have to do your own hunting? On average how much do you get moonlighting? I haven't decided exactly what I want to do as of yet but Anesthesiology, Radio, Path are at the top of my list. Are there specific specialties that tend to favor moonlighting more than others? Sorry for all the questions but I'm just trying to get a wider spectrum of opinions. Thanx.


      PRIMARY CARE or EM residencies lend themselves better to moonlighting in fp centers, er's, and urgent care centers(common moonlighting sites). you can not moonlight until you pass usmle step 3 or comlex step 3(usually 2nd year) and get your unrestricted license.most moonlighting residents make 50-75 dollars/hr. hope that helps


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      15+ Year Member
      Oct 13, 2002
        I did my prelim in Internal Medicine then Radiology residency. Some programs do not allow moonlighting while others turn a blind eye. Some actually sanction the practice and make it part of the training.

        In the IM program, many second year residents moonlighted. The money was good and you will undoubtedly be approached about participating. In Radiology, we had long established connections with private practice groups to cover their night and weekend calls. The chief residents ran the residency schedules and the moonlighting, so it was convenient. I ran the schedule in my senior year. For many, moonlighting was an opportunity to be independent, to make connections and to earn good money. When jobs are scarce, the connections can be helpful when you finish training. One thing to watch out for is overdoing the moonlighting and not keeping up with reading.
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