MPH MPH Online, gap year first! a few questions..

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May 12, 2017
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Hey all,
I am a recent graduate of UF (May 2017), so I am just starting my gap year. I had originally been tracked for premed but switched to public health about a year ago. Because of this, I had not originally prepared to take the GRE but I am now scheduled to do that on July 20.
A few questions..
I am planning to do my MPH online because I want to continue working at least part time and I would like to stay in my current location since I have a house here. What are some good online programs that are reasonable to get into? I have decently low stats (3.0) but a good amount of work experience. I am considering applying for Spring 2018 start because I have seen some programs with August deadlines and my GRE is the only thing I am waiting on.
More importantly, what do you suggest I do with my gap year? I am currently employed full time as a medical scribe and I really enjoy my job. I am in a management position within the company I work for so I am getting paid well and gaining experience working in a hospital environment. I have had this job for approx. 2 years (I applied when I was still premed). I would like to be more involved in community health / not hospital settings, but I am not sure where to begin.

Any other suggestions for what to do during a gap year are much appreciated! Thanks in advance :)