May 28, 2020
  1. Advanced Practice Provider
Hello all,

I'm a nurse practitioner applying to Epi programs. Plan is to complete either MS or MPH in Epi, and maybe in the future PhD in Epi. I want to do clinical research in the future in the area of chronic disease Epi. I'm currently a professor in a major nursing department wanting to eventually work toward tenure, but the PhD in nursing seems weak relative to Epi. All of my research interests are within clinical Epi. I do have the DNP degree, but obviously that means little to my future in Epidemiology. So, aside from the obvious recommendation to go straight for PhD, I would like so advice on MS vs MPH epi. I am limited on programs to online currently given both being a faculty member/practicing NP, and having a child on the way. Here are my options I have narrowed it down to:

-MS in clinical epi from a lower tier university from what I can figure out based on other's opinions
-MPH in Epi from higher rated school of public health, seems maybe on the bubble of 75 percentile of accredited schools

I understand MS would probably fit my career goals more, but considering the only one I have found is around the 25 percentile on ratings, would the higher rated MPH be better for future PhD applications?

If I am over thinking this, please let me know. Since I come from a nursing background I may have a skewed perspective of what I should be valuing. Nursing tends to be persnickety in the value of prestige of degree.
Sep 15, 2019
  1. Medical Student
I have an MPH and had several classmates debating between the MS in epi vs MPH. The one that wanted to go onto a PhD in epi did the MPH. The others did the MS in epi. These decisions were made after speaking with multiple professors- PhD advisors and research faculty. From what they said the MPH will give a more rounded foundation if you plan to do a PhD in epi. However the MS in epi will be better to get straight into research after you graduate.

I would recommend to go with the MPH in epi if you want to do the PhD. Also connections are so important with finding a decent PhD project so you might have better connections/larger reach at the higher rated school.

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