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Accepted Pharmacy Student
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Oct 19, 2008
I did ****ing horrible haha. 1st time taking it no studying or anything. I thought I owned the chem section but apparently not. Bio, verb, and reading ****ed me over, I didnt take it yet tho. Looks like I gotta study that. I killed my quant though. Planning on retaking in January and studying the kaplan review bk. Should I spend more time studying verb, bio, reading and chem? I thought I aced chem to be honest.

oct 18 results
verbal 393/ 36%
biology 396/ 40%
reading 387/25%
quant 447/95%
chem 411/62%
composite 407/58%

I got a 3.83 cumulative avg, work at a pharmacy, but was wondering what it would it take for a good chance into pharm school?
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