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Feb 24, 2004
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Hello everyone, Im a new member to this message board, so I thought I would give everyone some background info on myself. Moreover explain my voyage which led me to apply for the pharm d.

I attended the University of Pittsburgh for Pre-Pharm for two years, was rejected from the program as a soph applicant, and accepted at two schools in philly , but had a boatload of pre-reqs to fullfill in that summer so I opted to finish them at Pitt.

I then changed my major to communications in the next two years at Pitt which allowed me to graduate in April 2003. Yet after graduation I felt empty, empty in the sence that I did not recieve an education preparing me for much of anything. I felt like I had left behind something I started...aka pharmacy.

But I kept pushing aside the idea of going back to pharmacy school again, since I had a job waiting for me as an admissions counselor.

But it turned out that as an admissions counselor at Pitt, I eventually became influenced to apply back into the program.

Being a counselor also allowed me to realize that I was put on this earth to do something more worthwhile than just reviewing applications, attending college fairs, and speaking with families about why their son or daughter would or would not be accepted to pitt.

I mean that is helping people...which I enjoy , but I wanted to help people on a higher level, involving more of my knowlege.

I want that knowlege..

On top of this I make a redicoulously low salary 22,500 per year, working about 15 saturdays out of the year!!! with NO comp days!

I was fed up, I knew that I could do more than just this with my potential, and with all of the courses in science that I had completed. So I began to do even more research on pharmacy.

I talked with pharmacy students, read relevant material, and browsed this website for hours.

I finally feel that I have found a pathway. After reading all of the pros/cons about pharmacy, hearing testimonial from current pharmacists, it is a clear cut decision for me now. I know that as a pharm student I will be stressed,
but it will be a welcomed stress, considering the empty feeling I have had in my stomach for the past year since graduation.

So what am I trying to say? I guess that sometimes it takes a year or two after college to find the right track. Dont be dumb and convince yourself that the profession is not for you just bc you did not get accepted the first time.

I really appriciate all the imput you posters have provided, it has been instrumental in further educating my self about the profession and the degree.

thanks !


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Jan 12, 2004
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Kudos to you Carl- it took me 10 years from when I graduated college the 1st time to realize that business wasn't for me. I know others in my age group that are also starting their "second lives". First time was for money, second time it's love!


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Feb 9, 2004
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hey carlg,

are you applying for upitt pharmacy school again this time around? i applied there for this coming fall and am curious what the odds are for an out-of-state applicant. i'm aware that a certain number of spots are reserved for those who are in the pre-pharm program...do you know how many seats are filled each year?
thanks for any info and good luck in applying. i too finished a degree in a non-science field and found myself unsatisfied with my job and came back around to healthcare a couple of years ago.
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