NBDE Part 1 - How I passed (Pass the dental board videos + Mastery app)

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Jul 30, 2018
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A lot of people have messaged me to ask how I passed the test. So I decided to make a post about it to help you all out!

Given that I'm an international student (degree from Egypt), my background in basic science, mainly Biochem/Micro/Anatomy is weaker than the average American student, so I struggled a lot with First Aid and Dental Decks, I found them too informative and overwhelming for me personally. I had only around a month of studying and I knew I wouldn't be able to pull it off studying out of the books. Based on lots of research I bought the Dental Mastery app, which is basically around 1000 questions in all the different subjects from all the previous test papers, and with each question comes a brief explanation as to why. And as you probably guessed, I studied all 1000 questions on the app. Alongside I bought the Pass the Dental Boards videos, which were a life save for me..I needed a more well rounded explanation of everything, but I was short on time and couldn't sit several hours studying all the information in First Aid. The videos are basically like having a teacher with you explaining everything with audio and visuals. I could put them on for several hours, even if I wasn't fully concentrating, say, while driving, and I knew I was registering information just because I'm hearing everything, unlike having to sit with a textbook and memorize everything. And all the mnemonics and tables and little jokes throughout the lectures really help make all the info stick. (unlike boring Dental Decks and First Aid)

The videos + 1000 questions of the mastery app was mainly how I passed the test. I only studied for around a month, and two weeks of extensive 8-9 hours of studying daily.

I can't say the test was a piece of cake, but I did get repeated questions from the app and definitely items straight out of the videos. I could say it was moderately difficult, and passable if you can widely cover as much material as possible and not delve into the super duper details of a certain subject.
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