NCSU reputation?

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Mar 18, 2007
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Hi all, I just found SDN and it seems like the people on SDN offer a wealth of I am hoping to tap into that!

Like many people, I am trying to pick a school right now. I was looking for people who can tell me more about NCSU, especially if you have looked into it and decided to or not to attend, or you currently attend NCSU. I am early in the process of choosing a school, so any advice (good/bad/neutral) would be GREATLY appreciated!!

A couple of questions in particular:

What are the school's strengths and weaknesses?

What do you think of their tracking? After having spoken with faculty, I know that the "focus areas" were reorganized a couple of years ago due to student frustration with the course selection process.

Although they rank highly, how do they compare to older, well-ranked schools? (And, does age matter? Meaning, if you are top tier, does it matter if a program is a historically top program versus a younger top-rated program?)

What is your impression of their faculty as compared to that of other schools?

How happy are their students? (I have a small sample size - one 1st year and one 4th year - and they seem to gripe a lot, but that can occur during the school year regardless of institution!)

Thank you so much for any help or thoughts that you can offer!!

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I think the school boasts awesome facilities and state of the art equipment. Simply from being able to visit a lot in my years as an undergrad, I have seen it grow and now they are on to building a new small animal teaching hospital, followed by a new large animal teaching hospital. They owned the nation's first MRI machine for animals kept in a vet school, donated to them for the program by Iams Inc. They have a very strong small animal program, and a great large animal (equine especially i've heard) program. I think the ranking has to do with the fact that they can give you a great education in some of the best facilities in the country. They are very proud of this, so just go on a tour sometime of the CVM and you'll see and hear all about it. The faculty seem very nice and eager to help you out, but I know that they are very intent on making you work to be the best you can. That could be why you hear some gripes sometime from current students! Of course, I doubt any of us are really ready for the commitment that vet school takes when we get in it! I have worked for five different NCSU alumni, and worked with many current students. So far, I have not heard anything except the occasional it's a ton of work, but never has anyone said anything except that it was well worth it. I love NCSU so I'm a little biased, but definitely talk to them, go out and see the place, and make your own opinion. Hope that helps and good luck!:luck:
Thanks, wolkpacktwirler!! I think I need to schedule a visit.