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Feb 21, 2006
I have about 42 days till my exam. I feel the need to do all of Qbank, Qbook, NMS, Robbins Path, & UsmleRx.com. On top of this, I want to cover all 4 NBMEs, 150 Usmle Cd Q's, and about 350 Goljan Q's. That's over 8000 questions. A good chunk of my time is also spent with Goljan Audio and adding notes on to FA.

Is this going overboard?

I want to spend time with both the right and wrong answer choices and I feel doing over 8000 questions could be counter-productive.

Any opinions?


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Jul 12, 2003
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I think you have enough time to do all those questions.

I would recommend minimizing the time you spend adding notes to FA and reading about the wrong answer choices that you neither chose nor considered. I think that reading all the wrong answer explanations for a question that you answered without difficulty is a waste of time -- how many will you need to read before you learn something? You will get more knowledge/hr by browsing through additional review texts.

Regarding the number of questions, I don't think it will be counterproductive to do so many but you'll eventually get to a point (I'd guess around 4 to 6 thousand) where most errors will be due to carelessness, trivia, and poorly written questions. When you hit this point you might want to seek alternative uses of your study time. Or just drop NMS from the beginning. (In my opinion, when you reach this point you should just take the test.)

Finally, I assume you're aiming for a very high score. If not, you have no reason to "feel the need" to do so many questions.


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Jul 15, 2004
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Yes, it's crazy. 8000 questions in 40 days, is 200 questions a day, which is basically 4 hours of answering questions every day, which doesn't even cover reviewing your questions. I found that 100 questions a day is a reasonable number. You could do more I suppose, but you have to build downtime into your daily schedule, otherwise you'll melt down 2 weeks into things.
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